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Campus Charcha | Creating Impactful Learning Experiences For The 21st Century Classroom - Speaker view
Harappa Education
Good Evening!Thank You for joining us today at Campus Charcha. We hope you find the session engaging and insightful!Please do post any questions you might have for our speakers in the QnA box and we will definitely try to have them answered live!
Alaa Garad
Hello Tristha and Pramath, this is Alaa Garad, associate professor at Portsmouth Uni. Thank you for the inspiring session. Do you have any operations abroad? I am asking about both organisations CMR and Harappa.
Alaa Garad
I am based in the UK and originally from Egypt.
Alaa Garad
I am very impressed of your legacy both organisations CMR and Harappa.
Alaa Garad
I agree with you, Trustha about the Higher Education teachers are not well-trained to be teachers.
Alaa Garad
Anyway, I see the higher education institutions are least managed organisations on earth.
Harappa Education
We hope you're having a great time listening to these stalwarts! The QnA session is starting soon! Please do post any questions you've for them in the QnA box and we'll be happy to have them answered live.
Alaa Garad
This is really a wonderful interview - thank you very much both. Greetings from the UK. Alaa Garad
Alaa Garad
Harappa Education
Hi Alaa! Thank you so much for your engaged presence and kind words. We're glad you want to know more about our offerings. We will definitely get in touch with you post the event!
Harappa Education
Time check for QnA session. 12 minutes to go.
Pinkish Shah
You mentioned the emphasis on skills. However there is a strand of thought in pedagogy that says that in the future, skills may incresingly become less important considering the fast changing digital technologies, but building attitude will be key. What are your thoughts on this ? If you agree - how does one build attitude?
thanks for this session. look forward for more