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Community Talks on Cyber Diplomacy (#2) - Shared screen with speaker view
Blair Dunbar
Hi Everyone, To jumpstart the conversation, we've put together a short poll. It would be great if you could share your thoughts here: https://www.menti.com/sd2xsg7qs2
Vladimir Radunovic
It would be interesting to brainstorm on a particular case-study of a global-scale attack which is not necessarily state-backed. Eg. WannaCry-type-of: how could the global cooperation (and in particular political/diplomatic) work, and interaction with private sector and security/tech communities?
Jochen Michels
One is the norms, the other is the specific laws in the regions and states to implement that norms to protect critical infrastructure. How do you assess the legislation in the different regions? Where are there good examples of implementation? And how can the exchange of best practices be further improved?
CG Roy
Can we raise the volume for Mr. Soesanto?
Serge Droz
It’s often not so much about putting people on the plain as it is about helping in an emergencies. FIRST members and other trust groups do this regularly.
Serge Droz
AND CERT’s collaborate across trust gaps, if they are allowed to.
CG Roy
Tallin Winter School! Great learning opportunity.
Jakob Bund
Here is the link to the panel on EU Cyber Sanctions that Stefan Soesanto just mentioned: https://www.thehaguecybernorms.nl/news-and-events-posts/eu-cyber-sanctions-between-effectiveness-and-strategy
Vladimir Radunovic
Thanks for the great exchange