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Tribune Publishing: Is the Alden Offer Sufficient? - Shared screen with speaker view
Jon Schleuss
Folks can put questions into the chat, but after Tony speaks can also raise your hand and I can call on you to unmute and ask a question.
Andy Grimm
Link to Tribune Publishing (TPCO) EDGAR page: https://www.sec.gov/edgar/browse/?CIK=1593195&owner=exclude
Andy Grimm
Andy Grimm
Trib Pub-Alden microsite: https://www.savethenews.org/Tribune-publishing-shareholders-say-no-to-Alden
Emma Bayes
To what extent should institutional investors take into account Alden's history of gutting local media outlets when evaluating the ESG implications of this deal?
Thomas Moore
Hey this is Thomas Moore, media reporter with The Hill. What is theory about why Trib Publishing seems to be fast walking the Alden bid?
Thomas Moore
Esp since from your presentation it sounds questionable?
Andy Grimm
To put a bit of context to Richard Clayton’s point about community impacts, research shows that there are quantifiable declines in voter turnout, the number of people who even run for office, and increases in the cost of local government. One such study shows that municipal borrowing costs increase in communities where news coverage is diminished, showing the fiscal health of communities suffers without robust news coverage. https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3175555
Louis Malizia
Has there been any Tribune shareholders who are publicly voicing their concerns for the Alden bid as well as calling out the actions of the Tribune board?
Thomas Moore
Given the board members then, what at this point is the status of Bainum? Is it a realistic option now?
Thomas Moore
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Jon Schleuss
Andy Grimm is the president of the Chicago NewsGuild.