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MPO TCC and Board - Shared screen with speaker view
Peyton O'Conner
If anyone would like to cue up for public comment feel free to let me know in the chat
Nick Kroncke
NC First Commission: https://www.ncdot.gov/about-us/how-we-operate/finance-budget/nc-first/Pages/default.aspx
Mike Sule
Public funds and public land deserve a public transparent process.
Mike Sule
What was the process by which these new delays were determined? Who on this board can clearly articulate NCDOT’s process in this matter?
Mike Sule
Have tax payers of WNC had the opportunity to provide prioritization process and its impact?
Mike Sule
NCDOT should publish their uniform criteria used to determine the proposed amendments. Public funds, public right of way requires a transparent process.
Mike Sule
Thank you, Julie. Unfortunately, unless NCDOT’s process is disturbed my MPO they will continue top down prioritization.
Mike Sule
At the very least NCDOT should publish their amendment criteria. How where decisions made to delay projects?
Mike Sule
Difficult times for everyone, we agree hard decisions need to be made. This issue is transparency. What was the criteria used to make hard decisions?
Mike Sule
Lack of public process with public funds in the public right of way is the issue. NCDOT totally misses the point.
Erica Anderson
Thank you all! We're very grateful to all of you who have served.