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Supply chain and last-mile delivery considerations critical to DDD - Shared screen with speaker view
Ashley Greve
We will get started in just a minute. Thank you all.
Moses Bateganya
Please type any questions you have here or in the Q&A
Brian Pedersen
What proportion of ART clients in eSwatini are served through these DDD activities? If not all, what criteria do you apply to determine which clients are served through DDD...is it just ease of access?
Edward Oladele
Sure, manual data entry process comes with its own challenges. Are you able to conduct robust granular analysis with the data currently gathered - e.g. mapping volume of clients receiving DDD services?
Edward Oladele
@James Batuka - direct supply of ARVs from the national supply chain to community pharmacies happens in some settings. How complex does this make reporting and can the app also cover this kind of scenario?
Amy Gottlieb
It will be important to map the DDD app with the new DDD indicators that will be requirerd to ensure that we’re collecting all of the necessary data elements
Moses Bateganya
@Amy, thanks for that point. This will be important to make sure the reports match what is required by PEPFAR and countries.
Lesego Kitso
Great presentations; unfortunately I have to drop out shortly for the Ambassador's call. Are you going to share the presentations with attendees?
Edward Oladele
@James Batuka.The app looks quite cool and robust! The concept of it working as a pipe is also really interesting and makes it easy to adapt to any context.How long do you think a local adaptation would take?
Sarah Dixon
Hi Lesego. We will share the presentations along with the recording. Thank you for joining today.
Moses Bateganya
All, please don't forget to let us know what topics we should cover in subsequent DDD sessions. Including if you want to have a model that you would like to share with the DDD learning community
Pierre Paul Ewane
Can we get those slide after this webinar?
Ashley Greve
Hi @Pierre Paul. Yes, all slides will be circulated along with the webinar recording.
Pierre Paul Ewane
Thanks. Many fakes drugs in Afrca, specialy in Cameroon. What could be done for that in specific case of ART fake drugs
Moses Bateganya
@Kelly thanks for comments. We look forward to working with Tim and others as more countries continue to scale up
Kelly, GHAP would recommend the commission of Market Assurance Reviews (MARs) to enable intelligence-led monitoring of DDD, enabling instances of theft and falsification of DDD prodcuts.
These MARs should then be augmented with the provision of sustained support to National Medical Regulatory Agencies (NMRAs) to enable them to assume proactive, intelligence-led responses to the trade in SF and stolen (collectively referred to as illicit) medicines and health products.
Thankfully, good work has already commenced in respect of TA support, with Global Fund Grants supporting such projects for NMRAs in several countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Any additional support to NMRAs needs to be coordinated to avoid duplication of efforts and to build upon current models and successes.
Pierre Paul Ewane
Does GHAP and MARs work countries Governments in the place they operate?
GHAP is working closely with NMRAs and associated enforcement agencies throughout sub-Saharan Africa
Sarah Dixon
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