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National Pensioners Convention - Older People's Day - Care Sector Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Candy Gregory
Locally {SE Kent} 17 residents died in one care home. They have struggled with no government help
Darryl Collins
Fraternal Greetings to all from NPC GAS (Gloucester, Avon & Somerset)
Damian Ibison
can we get transcripts of this webinar?
Jonathan Safir
where possible we will send transcripts on after the event. many thanks
Anthony Riches
Great to have your notes David - thankyou
Anthony Riches
thankyou- look forward to receiving your notes
Anthony Riches
Excellent points June, health and social care is not the place for market forces to dominate- they are human services
Jean Hardiman-Smith
I am not long out of intensive care, and my husband was not admitted. Not listening to him as a carer and advocate nearly cost me my life.
Professor David Oliver
very very important to listen to and involve carers who know the person best as partners. Even if they can't come into visit so much right now can still do it by phone
Jean Hardiman-Smith
I agree that hospital and care homes/care at home are two sides of the same coin. I was badly discharged, and my GP saved me from readmission, but hospitals are under such huge pressures, that homes are picking up the slack, and vice versa. It is all a part of the cradle to grave vision.
Jean Hardiman-Smith
Market forces have no place in delivering what is a human right, in which we all have a stake. When we talk of market forces, we are talking profit, and making a profit on people's health is, not to put too fine a point on it, unethical. A healthy nation benefits us all, and even wolves will co-operate to support their weakest members. Are are we less altruistic, and more predatory than wolves?
Professor David Oliver
you are right Jean. England has fewest hospital beds per 1000 in OECD and hospitals under massive pressure from overcrowding and delayed transfers (partly due to social care issues) and are not always the best or safest places unless you need acute treatment that can only be delivered in hospital. It is often not the best place for care home residents but at same time they need better resoure and better support from health services and better focus on advance care planning
Sharon Hodgson MP
This has been an excellent Webinar and thank you for inviting me. Apologies as I have to leave now for another Zoom meeting with a Minister at 1pm. Kindest regards to all. Sharon
Jean Hardiman-Smith
We are actually less well provisioned than Uzbekistan for hospital beds, which is risible in a wealthy nation. The government is setting up a false competition between primary and secondary care for scarce funding - which itself is a political choice.
Jean Hardiman-Smith
Great questions from attendees - and hi Shirley, my friend
Crystal Oldman
T&C in the care sector definitely need to be addressed. Career pathways for the care sector would be supported by regulation of care workers. This requires funding, but I would argue, how can we afford not to do this? Regulation drives standards of education, training and continuing professional development, provides consistent standards to underpin the education and training and provides rewarding career pathways and helps recruitment and retention.
Crystal Oldman
Please have a look at the New Zealand model of health and social care. There appears to be a huge respect and regard and prioritisation of the needs of their older citizens
Anthony Riches
would really like to join Prof David,s subsequent discussion please
Crystal Oldman
Thank you NPC - excellent meeting and would like to keep in touch. Will share the report our QNI networks and on social media.
Laura Murrell
Thank you NPC Sunderland KONP will share widely.
Crystal Oldman
Thanks Jan!