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Translating your training in plant biology for federal job applications - Shared screen with speaker view
Melissa Chen
How frequently would you say SE-RES positions open up?
M. Camila Medina
I would like to know if all the process for foreigners is the same
Shawna Kwon
Are EG positions more offered to those that have higher level of degrees than just the bachelor’s?
Emily Gallipeau
Is it very difficult to get a tech position with only a Bachelors degree? I know all Gov. Canada positions are very competitive
Jordan Bemmels
A follow-up question about the rarity of progressing from EG to BI to SE-RES. Does that imply then that if you accept an EG or BI position, you are more-or-less permanently stepping off the career track of ever being a PI-type person?
Sally Ju
Do you have suggestions for information to include or the length for the cover letter? I can see myself repeating a lot of info between the cover letter and online screening questions (although it sounds like you're suggesting that's its OK to do this!)
Shawna Kwon
Do some positions allow the employees to go away for few years to take MSc?
Adrian Monthony
Thank you!!
Sabine Scandola
This is great! Thanks Elizabeth!
Jordan Bemmels
thank you, this was great!