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Town Hall: Potential Family Shelter at the Provincial House - Shared screen with gallery view
James Farnsworth (HBA)
I think there are some folks who aren’t presenting that may need to be muted. There’s audio interference coming through.
it is the first of 2 community sessions
Andre C
Im thankful that Ramsey County and St. Paul is providing this opportunity for parents and children who are homeless in our community
Hello Randi!
Jessica Griffith she/her
I completely agree, Andre.
Morris Allen
So very important that this private/public work is taking place. Interfaith Action/ Sr. of St Carondelet/Ramsey County/City of St Paul deserve our deep appreciation.
Karen Tarrant
Have there been any problems in the neighborhood because of the temporary Project Home programs in local churches?
Michael Tortorello
Karen: Good question! We’ve had zero problems at Mount Zion during my 5 years volunteering at our temple on Summit Avenue.
I am not aware of any neighborhood problems at we have had at FAUMC.
Mee Cheng
we will have a dedicated space tonight for Q&A
Jessica Griffith she/her
I’ve volunteered on and off at Mount Zion for 20 years and am unaware of any issues.
June Blue
There should have been an acknowledgement of who's land we are on, at the beginning of the meeting. Miigwich
Karen Tarrant
I have volunteered with Project Home over the years and never heard about any serious problems. I was wondering if there any I did not know about.
Teresa Morrow
I would STRONGLY urge Ramsey Co and the other partners to be much more proactive in reaching out to neighbors to explain this project. I live a half block away and received no notification from the County about this project or Town Hall - it was also not visible on key communications channels like Next Door Neighbor. If you want neighbors to embrace this project, they need to feel involved and understand what will be taking place where they live and pay significant taxes. People tend to fill an information vacuum and I think to ensure long term success for this project, it's critical everyone who lives nearby receives abundant information and understand what is planned for the Provincial house. Thanks.
Morris Allen
Our congregation in Mendota Heights last year hosted Project Home for 31 days. It was a blessing and there were no problems--only blessings
Jill Kunz Stewart
I don't recall problems.
Is there any type of screening for the families who would be living at St. Joseph of Carondelet? For example, criminal background check, sexual offenders, etc?
Mee Cheng
@Riley, your question will be answered during tonight's presentation
Linda Lindeke
I have volunteered at many of the sites, filling in when volunteers weren't sufficient. I have had no issues and the Project Home staff are extremely responsive to any questions that have come up. I always leave having gained more than I have given because of the children and the parents and PH staff. The leadership, planning and communication channels have worked very well. The families are indeed well-screened and are oriented to the rules. The rules are clear and specific.
Kristen Sexton
have we considered the recent crime increase and the effect of this on the current proposal?
Patricia Norusis
We have had no problems at Cretin-Derham hall where we host for the month of July
Elaine Tarone, Volunteer
To Teresa Morrow: what is the best communication mechanism for contacting neighbors in Mac Groveland and Highland?
Ann Thompson
Teresa, how did you learn about this Town Hall? The Sisters did visit some area businesses and some residences. Of course, we would always like to do more.
Cindy Radtke (she/her)
For Ramsey County on Housing—I do hear a different definition of affordable (I resonate with Ramsey Co) from gov’t and what developers consider is affordable (market value rather than this 40%). And did any of the new Tenant Rights from City of St Paul—is that starting to support?
Elaine Tarone, Volunteer
The new tenant rights don’t kick in until March 1, 2021
Ruth Belmonte
I have organized hosting at Lutheran Church of the Redeemer for 5 Years in the month of March, we never had any complaints from our community or neighbors.
June Blue
Jessica Griffith she/her
I live three blocks from the building and learned about this meeting from three different channels.
Muffie Gabler
I found out on Twitter, a local reporter tweeted about it. this is the first of a long series of meeting on this. encourage people to attend the next info session on January 5th.
Kate O'Connell
June, thank you for pointing out that the land on which the Provincial House and the neighborhood is located is land on which Dakota people lived for thousands of year.
Comm. Trista MatasCastillo
Affordability is when you spend no more that 30% of your income on your housing expenses. AMI (area median Income) is how many of our housing goals are created as we've identified the greatest need for individuals who earn 30% AMI.
Andre C
I subscribed to getting email updates from Ramsey County at https://www.ramseycounty.us/covid-19-info/county-services-initiatives/investment-support-efforts-cares-funding/help-those-experiencing-homelessness/housing-stability-ramsey-county
Cindy Radtke (she/her)
So how does one reconcile the Affordability definition of developers and that of County and City definitions. And yes, it should be 30%
Pat Pratt-Cook
what are the city and county doing to mandate that developers have a certain % of affordable housing in all new developments and how is this being monitored?
James Erlandson (he/him)
At Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, we have never had a problem from a resident family in Project Home, over 15 years or more. We have to protect the families from the community.
June Blue
Is there a background check for those who are given shelter, through MTC? I heard someone was arrested (then released) because they were flagged on a background check. Thank you
Alex Prince
What does that mean—“Not meant for human habitation?” Can someone clarify at some point?
Tom Basgen
Thank you for that presentation.
Miriam Itzkowitz
Alex, for example—sleeping in their car.
Andre C
Ive worked with homeless families in Ramsey County for several years and this is needed and has been needed for a couple decades
Michael Tortorello
Thank you Tenecia: Helpful overview.
Shawna Horn (she/her)
We have been hosting Fairmount Avenue UMC for the past three years and partnered with other congregations for decades. I live in the parsonage attached to the church, my kids play with the residents when they are here. We share a front yard. I have spent many overnights with project home as a volunteer. It has only ever been a good experience for me, my family, my neighbors (who are also on board,) and our church community.
Alex Prince
Ok. Great. I wasn’t sure if that meant outside (in tents) or sleeping at their place of work or they were sleeping in abandoned buildings or in apartments that weren’t heated. I wasn’t quite sure.
Kate McBride
Very informative presentation. Thank you.
iPad (1060) M
is anything going on? I do not see video.
Andre C
Im loving this video and shares the real experience
Comm. Trista MatasCastillo
Alex, it also includes those things.
June Blue
Tenicia, thank you so much. I do have to say I had a homeless family, and called 211. They never offered hotel rooms, and said there waiting list was 4-6 weeks long. This family was riding on the bus, and weren't eligible for MTC help, because they got off bus to go to the bathroom and change babies diaper.
Alex Prince
Ok. Great. Thank you for clarifying. I appreciate it!
Morris Allen
Uplifting and a reminder how so many are just one crisis away from being in need!
Thank you for the great work you do for families!!!
Andre C
thanks for addressing racial inequities
Linda Lindeke
As a volunteer I recognize so many people in the video. My eyes are teary as I see and hear the families and staff. You have captured my experiences with Project Homes so well in this brief video. Thank you Sara and staff.
Sara Liegl, Project Home
Thank you LInda! We miss you and all our volunteers!
Michael Tortorello
June: I have volunteered at 8-10 different congregations—and help coordinate the stay at Mount Zion. Interfaith Action can answer your important followup questions about background checks. I can say from my own observation that occasionally, a guest isn’t a great match for Project Home. And Interfaith Action—including some of the leadership in that video—takes a very active and involved role in steering them elsewhere.
Andre C
What supplies do you need for these families because I have a network of people who want to help
Muffie Gabler
Will one of the staff address the timeline for this project and what hearings at the city will be required? Thanks.
Is it possible to get a copy of the presentation after the meeting?
Could we get more information about transportation, meals and schooling for the guests?
Rabbi Adam Rubin - Beth Jacob
“This is the fast I desire…to share your bread with the hungry, and to take the poor into your home; when you see the naked , to clothe him, and not to ignore your own kin.” Isaiah 58:6-7
Jane OBrien
As a pre-covid volunteer for many years at Project Home I can say that the program is very well organized.
Tenecia Johnson-Trice: Homeless Services Supervisor
Not meant for human habitation means any place that a person is not meant to live, basically anywhere that isn't a home or hotel this often includes outside, cars, public transportation, storage units, hospital waiting rooms etc..
Linda Lindeke
Those aspects are very well organized and are family-centered and based on healthy eating, activity and rest. Volunteers are oriented carefully and supplies are integrated in a careful, planned way. Schooling is through the public schools and children are disrupted as little as possible for optimum school relationships. Additionally public school tutors are available in selected evenings at the shelter. This is a very well organized and well established process
Alex Prince
Thanks, Tenecia!
Sia Xiong
What excites you about this housing opportunity with Project Home at the Provincial House?
5 Mark Hoppe
I submitted questions via e-mail this morning. Will those be reviewed and answered? Thank you.
Sara Wise
Can you discuss the timeline for the project?
Deena Strohman (she/her)
I am excited about expanding Project Home to have space for more families. I love volunteering with Project Home families.
Post COVID, the families at Provincial House will be able to stay there until they obtain housing while the families staying at the other shelter spots (like the Churches) will still have to move every 30 days? How decide who stays where?
Jean G (she/her)
That families will have a safe place to provide stability for all. Without stability, those children will have difficulty in the future.
Expanding family shelter in Ramsey County is what is exciting. I've been working in homelessness and housing for close to 20 years and this is long over due.
mary jo schaak
How about getting to the questions community want answered
Kathy Hedin
Just the last 30 seconds was cut off, June.
Karen Lansing
Thank you June for your wise and important comments.
Andre C
Im excited about that we are creating shelter spaces for families, for children, for a chance where parents and children can get connection to resources they need
Mark, we will answer those questions but there so many we will not get to them tonight.
Tom & Lynn Ihlenfeldt
Will there be an opportunity to provide feedback after the Town Hall, possibly via email?
Andre C
Thanks Muffie!!! so much love for you
How have the Carondelet Village residents been involved in this process thus far? If at all?
Teresa Morrow
June - thank you for sharing that historical perspective with all of us - it is important to have that sensitivity when approaching this project.
Kathy Graves
Yes, you can share comments here: https://www.ramseycounty.us/covid-19-info/county-services-initiatives/investment-support-efforts-cares-funding/help-those-experiencing-homelessness/housing-stability-ramsey-county/bethesda-hospital-site/contact-ramsey-county
Joan Pasiuk (she/her)
I agree wholeheartedly, Muffie.
Kim Lieberman
Exciting to have an opportunity for more families to have shelter. It is encouraging to see various shelters opening in different neighborhoods. The need is so great, and there is such a great need for safe and affordable housing for people with low wealth.
Karen Tarrant
There is no direct link to increased crime. These families are not criminals and the program is well enough structured that there should be no fear. Long range providing support like this to families may reduce crime but that can probably would be difficult to prove since crime has multiple causes.
5 Mark Hoppe
I think its important to address all the community questions as the Zoning meeting takes place before the next outreach meeting. If the Zoning meeting was delayed then it seems reasonable to wait until the next meeting.
Deena Strohman (she/her)
A women and couples shelter has opened recently at Stub hall at Luther Seminary in St. Anthony Park.
Teresa Morrow
I saw in a response from sherder@csjstpaul.org that questions already submitted won't be answered tonight as there were so many. What is the plan to provide answers to those questions? I guess I misunderstood the purpose of this Town Hall if we haven't made time to respond to questions from the neighborhood?? Is that the intent of the Jan townhall, to serve as the Q&A session? Thanks.
Elaine Tarone, Volunteer
As of Friday, the Luther Seminary had 9 single women and their first couple. The staff there told me they are excited about welcoming more couples.
Elaine Tarone, Volunteer
The Luther Shelter just opened December 15.
Jill Thompson
Muffie, I walk past the intersection of Randolph and Fairview and all around the neighborhood almost every day. I also support this initiative 150%. I have also volunteered with Project Home at St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church for well over 10 years. Guests are, as Linda Lindeke as so beautifully articulated, very respectful of one another, of the volunteers, and of the neighborhood at our church. Finally, I must say that Interfaith Action St. Paul has taken an incredibly powerful stand for addressing issues of poverty in our city. The mission says it, but the staff and volunteers embody that mission every day. Sara Liegl has been dedicated to Project Home for years. Her expertise and heart for the guest are second to none!
Morris Allen
Jill--Well Said!!
Sia Xiong
Hi Teresa Morrow - all questions that are not able to be provided tonight will be available on our Housing Stability webpage. We will create an FAQ site here: https://www.ramseycounty.us/covid-19-info/county-services-initiatives/investment-support-efforts-cares-funding/help-those-experiencing-homelessness/housing-stability-ramsey-county
Teresa Morrow
Thanks for the FAQ info!
Cindy Radtke (she/her)
Thank you for the reminder about indigenous historical view. I do think a transparency would be something to listen to and to consider.
June Blue
Miigwich, Maggie❣🦸‍♀️
St Paul Public Schools Project REACH and Fostering Connections also works with homeless service system and public schools to support youth and their families while they are in shelter or precariously housed: https://www.spps.org/projectreach
Andre C.
This is a very generous neighborhood. Is there plan about how neighbors can help? Donations? Creating meals together? Helping with child care? Assisting with laundry?
Tenecia Johnson-Trice: Homeless Services Supervisor
June and everyone, If you encounter families that are in need of shelter, they can access shelter through United Way First Call for Help 24 hours a day at 651-291-0211 or directly through the Ramsey County Emergency Shelter Team at 651-266-7818 Monday - Friday 8:00 - 4:30. Please note that First Call for Help only takes basic information from callers and sends it over to the shelter team to reach out to the family, so callers won't get much information until they speak with Ramsey County staff.
Marc Isaacson
Here's the web link for the organization: https://interfaithaction.org/
Ken Pelto - Ramsey Co.
Additional comments can be shared via this link: https://www.ramseycounty.us/covid-19-info/county-services-initiatives/investment-support-efforts-cares-funding/help-those-experiencing-homelessness/housing-stability-ramsey-county/bethesda-hospital-site/contact-ramsey-county
June Blue
thank you, Sara. We can work together.
Sara Liegl, Project Home
Thank you June!
Andre C.
Thanks Tom!!!!
June Blue
Thank you, Tenicia💯💝
Thank you for the opportunity to support our families and children in need in our neighborhood! We welcome you knowing the supports are being put in place!
Thanks so much, Tom!
Tom Basgen
very happy to see this work happing just next door.
Will copies of tonight's presentation be available?
Sara Liegl, Project Home
Riley - they did say earlier they are taping it and will put it up on the county housing website
Muriel Olson
I live 2 blocks away and feel it is a very good plan for the area and the homeless population.
Elaine Tarone, Volunteer
Yard signs are a great idea! Can St Anthony Park have those in support of the Luther Shelter as well?
Kelsey Iverson
I love the idea of yard signs for support.
Jessica Griffith she/her
I would put out a yard sign.
James Farnsworth (HBA)
On behalf of the Highland Business Association, I’m here to strongly affirm that we stand ready to coordinate any support/services between the business community and the new families we’ll be welcoming to Highland Park as part of this project. Well said Tom and others. Let me know how we can help. jfarnsworth@highlandba.com
Nancy Higgins
I also live just 2 blocks from Provincial House & am supportive.
June Blue
Wow! Go Highland 😇💯
Joan Pasiuk (she/her)
That's great to hear, James!
Bruce Nerland
I have volunteered with Project Home with my church, St. Matthew’s Episcopal, for over 20 years. It has been a very worthwhile, uplifting experience for me, and getting to know the guests and to hear their stories has been a gift.
Tenecia Johnson-Trice: Homeless Services Supervisor
Thank you everyone for all of the support!!!
Eleanor Beaber
I live in the neighborhood as well and am very supportive! Thank you Ramsey County, Interfaith Action, and Sisters of St. Joseph
Cindy Radtke (she/her)
@Sara L—Can you put up a link so those who want to support can sign up for email update and newsletter.
Marc Isaacson
Thanks for your support James! We live 3 blocks north on Juliet and also support the project. Have volunteered with Project Home at Gloria Dei.
Jill Thompson
I also love the idea of yard signs. And thank you James for indicating how HBA will welcome this initiative. Just noted Bruce Nerland’s comment. Bruce was board chair of Interfaith Action when they initiated Opportunity St. Paul, a program that is DEDICATED to addressing issues of poverty in our city. And Andre, thank you for sharing your story!!
I can’t stay for the duration of the meeting, but wanted to share that we live on Palace Av and Kenneth Ave one block from Saint Kate’s. we strongly support hosting project home in our neighborhood and grateful for Carondolet for their generosity
June Blue
Miigwich Andre❤💕🤗
Sara Liegl, Project Home
Thank you Andre - powerful
Kate O'Connell
Andre, thank you SO much for sharing the power of serving CHILDREN, who are our present and our future.
Ken Pelto - Ramsey Co.
Here's a link for additional comments and to stay connected. https://www.ramseycounty.us/covid-19-info/county-services-initiatives/investment-support-efforts-cares-funding/help-those-experiencing-homelessness/housing-stability-ramsey-county/bethesda-hospital-site/contact-ramsey-county
Peter Distelzweig
I am excited that the possibility of more capacity for our families experiencing homelessness; I’m excited that this would provide so many families with a host location that does not have to roll over each month; I am excited that a facility so apt for hosting families could be available. It has been an honor of our family to welcome families to our faith community each August. My young children and my wife and I delight to spend many dinners with families (and I overnights with them) throughout August. We were sad not to be able to help host this August—but were so happy to hear the hotel step up to host—precisely because it provides the same strengths that the SJC site will provide our guest families.
Jackie Petersen
I live on Bayard Ave., bordering St.Catherine's. My husband and I support this thoughtful and much needed plan 100 % . Thank you to the Sisters of St.Joseph , Ramsey County & City of St.Paul staff involved for your partnership. Post Covid we will be anxious to become involved directly in this program.
M Roers
Thank you Andre. I agree completely that we need to think about the children. I am supportive of this proposal as well as a St. Paul Resident. This is very important and a very practical way to help these families with children especially at this very difficult time.
Linda Crosby
Very well said, Andre! Thank you.
Javen Swanson (he/him/his)
Pastor Javen Swanson here from Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, also a member of the Interfaith Action board. I need to go, but wanted to say that we’ve been hosting Project Home for decades. This is an incredible operation and it is in very good hands. Several others from GDLC at this meeting can speak to our positive experience with Project Home. Thank you all for supporting this proposal.
We’ve volunteered with Project Home through our church and it’s a wonderful program and will make wonderful neighbors
Laurel Perryman
You are a strong advocate Andre.
Erin Murphy
Thank you, Andre C.
Lilly Long, CSJ
So proud of the comments I'm reading. So OPPOSITE of NIMBY.... This is putting our faith in action.
John & Suzanne Gappa
Messiah Episcopal has been a Project Home site for 17 years and it has been a wonderful program with wonderful families. I have been the co-coordinator for the past five years. The Project Home model works to genuinely support families as they move to stability.
Rosemary Curran
Thank you for your powerful advocacy, Andre.
James Farnsworth (HBA)
I think some information on timeline and next steps for the project (zoning process at the City of Saint Paul, etc.) would be very helpful. Someone mentioned earlier in the chat that a zoning meeting was taking place before the next town hall. Thank you!
Kathleen r’s iPhone
the members of the public who have spoken make me proud to be a St Paul resident and St Kate’s grad.
Joan Pasiuk (she/her)
Thanks for your comments, Andre. Is there an age limit for Project Home. Esp in this time when families are clinging tog in different ways it will be important to make sure young adults are able to stay with in shelter with parents/sibs as needed.
Annie Roth Blumfield (she/her)
I live a few blocks from CSJ and feel very excited to welcome new neighbors! What a wonderful way to match community resources and community needs!
In 2019 I spoke with the Chair of the St Paul School District during the 2019 School District Elections regarding the number of homeless children identified in the School District. I was told it was over 1,400. An article in the Pioneer Press identified the number at 2,000. We cannot expect that any child can succeed in such an unstable situation. Also, in this time of COVID, children are dropping off the grid because the distance learning has been a huge barrier and the family has given up. We cannot expect children to succeed in such circumstances. We have to have solutions to provide stability to these children and these families. This is a well thought out solution to part of the problem and should be embraced.
Kate O'Connell
I would say that this project has a powerful effect on reducing crime. We build community and learn about our neighbors, which is an excellent way to reduce crime.
Jessica Griffith she/her
Agree, Kate
Jackie Petersen
Perhaps the person questioning about crime in this area was concerned about the safety of the families that will live in the new space.
Cindy Radtke (she/her)
Great point Kate!
all the families we’ve met when volunteering have been delightful
Hello. Unfortunately I cannot stay on for the duration of the meeting, but I wanted to log in and voice my enthusiastic support for this project! My family and I live in the neighborhood, and are thrilled about this possibility. Thank you!!
Alex Prince
For sure, Jackie.
Susan Koch (she/her)
Will the residents be forced to leave the building during the day, like they do at the temporary shelters? Or can they stay “home” during the day?
Andre C.
I wish this program was around 20 years ago when I was a child and had deal with homelessness when I was a child... if such a program was around for my family, then maybe that could have changed things for my family
Andrew Lubar
I have been an overnight volunteer with Project Home for about 20 years - first at Fairmount Avenue United Methodist, then at Messiah Episcopal, and recently at Fairmount again. Volunteering with Project Home has been a rewarding experience and I fully support the project discussed tonight and the planned move.
Andre C.
Think about the children that will be impacted by this
Karen Lansing
Thank you all city/county/Sisters for coordinating this important project to address a need for our families in Ramsey County. This is such a need and we will continue to address the need for affordable housing for all families! Thank you again!
Jamie Shacter
I live in Highland in the vicinity of St Kates and have volunteered with Project Home at Beth Jacob Synagogue. I was honored to be a part of this essential and humane program. I received much more than I gave. I wholeheartedly support this program and look forward to being able to volunteer again.
Muffie Gabler
Will the meeting times be posted on the Ramsey County website?
Muffie Gabler
For Zoning, Planning and City Council?
Andre C.
This program is impacting our children
Senior Commander Steve Anderson
In regards to questions about crime and increased in crime in St. Paul around shelters and shelter programs there is no evidence of any measurable increase in crime or crime trends in relationship to our shelters in our great city.
Sia Xiong
Muffie Gabler - we will share the link before we close today. It is available here: https://www.ramseycounty.us/covid-19-info/county-services-initiatives/investment-support-efforts-cares-funding/help-those-experiencing-homelessness/housing-stability-ramsey-county
Muffie Gabler
Thanks so much.
Elaine Tarone, Volunteer
How about tutoring kids once COVID is over?
Kate O'Connell
Andre, you're so right about the positive effects on children. AND there have been positive effects on people like me when I've had the honor to meet families as a volunteer -- the families have blessed me greatly just by who they are and their willingness to allow me in their lives.
Alex Prince
Or post on Interfaith Facebook page!
Sara- highly recommend connecting via the Highland Neighborhood Facebook Group too.
I support this 100% Such an needed resource for our community. I have volunteered when my synagogue hosted Project Home. The families I met were very nice with well-behaved children. They were interested in spending time with their children, just like most families.
Craig and Bonnie
I have volunteered when Project Home was at Fairmount Ave. UMC. They are organized, caring, and very responsible. I am excited about this new facility.
Morris Allen
This is Phyllis Gorin who co-chaired the Beth Jacob program. Project Home is an amazing program, providing support for families in need. I was moved by the loving staff and the organized fashion by which the program unfolded. I think this is an amazing opportunity.
Kathy Schubert
please let House of Hope of your list and we will announce your needs. I am thrilled about this move. Kathy
Ken Pelto - Ramsey Co.
Elaine Tarone, Volunteer
St Matthews Episcopal would love to help too
thanks for replying Sr Commander Anderson
5 Mark Hoppe
When Would the answers to the questions be available?
Sara Liegl, Project Home
@Susan Koch - families get to stay on the property- it is there "home" while they are with us. So if someone has a sick little one with the sniffles, they can rest in their rooms.
Jessica Jerney
be sure to scroll down to see all the questions
Thanks to all who have taken time to share in hearing from the partners, and also from neighbors tonight. Great appreciation for your questions, input and support!
Stacey Boucher
I am also a member of Fairmount Avenue UMC and have volunteered many times in past years and am very supportive of this effort! so proud of my Highland Mac Groveland neighbors.
Ken Pelto - Ramsey Co.
James Farnsworth (HBA)
This was a really excellent presentation and discussion. Thank you neighbors, Commissioners, subject matter experts, Councilmember Tolbert, other presenters, etc. for putting together this town hall. Looking forward to future advocacy for this project. As Andre so appropriately reminded us, this is all about the children and families who need our help the most right now.
Laurel Perryman
what is question #6 in the poll supposed to say?
Mee Cheng
Cindy Radtke (she/her)
Is there times public can go to 12/31 meeting?
Kelsey Iverson
Laurel- I think it is supposed to say “would you attend another Ramsey Town Hall meeting?”
Alex Prince
Thank you!
Thank you for this meeting. I am encouraged to hear all the positive responses to this proposal.
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Cindy Radtke (she/her)
Thank you!!
June Blue
Thank you, Mee Cheng!!
Laurel Perryman
thanks Kelsey
Peter Distelzweig
Thank you everyone!
Andre C.
Thanks Mee, Ken, and Sia
Jessica Griffith she/her
Thank you all for your time this evening.
thank u all
amanda karls
Thanks to all presenters.