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Lunch & Learn: Alumni Reads - Women Who Write - Shared screen with speaker view
VADM Sandy Stosz ‘82
Hi Norma! Thanks for joining.
VADM Sandy Stosz ‘82
Hi Minna!
VADM Sandy Stosz ‘82
Thanks for joining, Jay, I hope you’re enjoying the CFR!
VADM Sandy Stosz ‘82
CAPT Andrea Marcille '89
Please put any questions you have for our panelists in the chat!
LCDR N. Smihal
If any of these amazing ladies experienced writers block, how’s they get over it?
CAPT Martha LaGuardia-Kotite ‘89
great question - write an article and publish that way, helps. Non fiction or fiction? Just write.
VADM Sandy Stosz ‘82
Jay I wish I’d written articles in Proceedings because I had a lot of opportunities to do so, and many experiences to share. I never made the time. I think the USCG should encourage more lifelong learning and leaders should encourage their subordinates to read and stretch themselves to write.
VADM Sandy Stosz ‘82
I never experienced writer’s block, but I made sure I had a lovely, inspiring place to write - a place I looked forward to. In the winter, it was in front of a fireplace. In summer it was looking out the window watching the birds in between thoughts.