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DDC Discussion - Shared screen with speaker view
Ivanova Smith chair of SAIL
I liked you lose my drawing for your visuals that cool
Ivanova Smith chair of SAIL
used i meant
David Carlson, DRW (he/him)
Adrienne Stuart
Is the UCEDD doing anything to ensure that daycare providers are required to accept and be trained to care for children with disabilities? As of now, I know of no daycare providers that accept children with disabilities. Similarly, when preschool students are segregated, they and their families are groomed to believe that they should be segregated throughout our school system. This continues into adulthood and our schools are doing a very poor job of addressing this problem.
Ivanova Smith chair of SAIL
great question Adrienne
Ivanova Smith chair of SAIL
I forgot to say that we need help in fighting policy that bars self advocates from technology and internet access
Ivanova Smith chair of SAIL
there agency for supportive living and sudden waivers that creation barriers and we want change
Ivanova Smith chair of SAIL
so self advocates have access to virtual community
David Carlson, DRW (he/him)
Our rights need to be update. When was the last time any of us wrote an actual paper letter? https://app.leg.wa.gov/RCW/default.aspx?cite=70.129.080
Anthony Nash
maby the council should establish a project group that is made to supply tech to thoughs in need or use one of the project groups to help with it like sail or allies
Eric Matthes
I think that should be a real thing for the Council should do of what Anthony said in the comment.
Shawn Latham
Same with Allies and other peer groups I lead Zoom is great to get new members who are or want to be tech savvy but there are others who need assistance or are just not interested in virtual meetings
Anthony Nash
yea like if the council can provide the funds to ether S.A.I.L or Allies and they support just like we did the EPIC grant
Eric Matthes
that is a great idea
Anthony Nash
thank you
Eric Matthes
you are welcome