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D2: Vital Role of Tribal Law Enforcement in Wellness Court Planning and Implementation - Shared screen with speaker view
Jordan Martinson
TLPI Wellness Courts Key Component publication: http://wellnesscourts.org/files/Tribal%20Healing%20to%20Wellness%20Courts%20The%20Key%20Components.pdf
Wanda Price
Wanda Price Prevention Coordinator , from Old Harbor Alaska. Thank you for all your honest remarks. Thank you so much . I feel believing in one another, honor oneself.
Marlon Footracer
Wellness@TLPI.org is the contact email.
Marlon Footracer
Just in case you log out early, here is the evaluation for this session: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2020WCET
Marlon Footracer
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