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Building Retrofit Technology Scaling Opportunities & Trends - Shared screen with speaker view
Yan Yan
E-ROBOT Teaming platform: https://adlventures.com/adl-teaming-platform-login/
Yan Yan
NREL heroX page: https://www.herox.com/EROBOT
Yan Yan
If you have questions that you want the panelists to address, please drop them in the Q&A box
Yan Yan
Yes, it will be available along with the panel recording
Devon Basher
Is anyone else looking to team up for this? Me: 10 yrs primarily residential building performance (envelope + Hvac) testing, consulting, contracting, and QC.
Oran C
I'm a robotics engineer. I'd be interested exploring teaming up. here's my info. Oran CollinsSoftware/Hardware Developer7074946135 (Live in north bay SF)Scheduling a chat with me: https://meetings.hubspot.com/oranbusinesswww.orancollins.comoranbusiness@gmail.com
Aalap Shah
We develop robotic solutions for Energy applications: www.ulctechnologies.com. We are looking for partners. You can contact me at Aalap.shah@spx.com
Yan Yan
I LOVE this teaming discussion happening here. If you haven’t done so, I encourage all to log your info on the teaming platform to keep the discussion going after the panel