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Eliminating Chronic Back and Body Pain - Free August Lecture Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Rebecca Tolin
Kari, Amazing story! What about Dr. Sarno’s message really clicked the made the shift for you?
Debbie Roes
What if there was no traumatic event and what if one has LOTS of different types of pain/symptoms rather than just one (and they came on over a period of years)?
Kate k
Thank you for that Kari. Question for Kari: Before the car accident, had you ever had other symptoms
Kate k
Had you ever had other unexplained pain before on other areas of the body prior to the crash?
Shawn Smith
The quote from Sarno is"Pity me that the heart is slow to learnWhat the swift mind beholds at every turn."
Debbie Roes
How did seeing Dr. Schecter help? If one has known about Sarno for a while and read multiple books, what's the benefit of seeing a Sarno trained doctor (vs. early on in the process)?
Debbie Roes
Oh, I completely believe it's TMS, but after almost two years, I'm still really struggling...
Kari Brown
Regarding the quote - Sarno goes on to say to replace "heart" with "subconscious mind"...to make the point clear. The subconscious mind is swift; it can grasp and accept things quickly.
Linda Elarde
I became a patient of Dr John Stracks, a TMS "trained" physician...the only in the Chicago area. This helped me make significant progress.
Rebecca Tolin
Debbie, your belief is a big asset! It can take time and practice to really make a shift. In my case, it really helped to work with a TMS coach.
Kate k
Can other severe, life-altering but non-pain symptoms be TMS?
gerald mackinnon
crones was tms?
Shawn Smith
Yes Kari -- here is the full quote after the quote I gave:"If we substitute the words subconscious mind for heartthe point will be clear. The conscious mind is swift; it can grasp and accept things quickly. The subconscious is slow, deliberate, not quick to accept new ideas and change, which is no doubt a very good thing. Were it not so, humans would be very unstable animals. However, at times like these, when we want things to change quickly, we are impatient with the lumbering subconscious."
Debbie Roes
Rebecca, I have worked with multiple TMS coaches/therapists, but maybe I haven't found the right one yet. I've been sick for a very long time and I understand it may take longer, but I'm looking for a breakthrough (I believe I can have one).
Debbie Roes
This is like a list of my symptoms...
jim prussack
Hey guys: Overcoming Fear is Huge. Fear of symptoms, fear of feeling the feelings, fear of returning to activities etc. Yes Joe, not damaged!
Linda Elarde
How can I view All the Rage? I have found the trailer but have not been able to locate the full documentary.
Shawn Smith
I have been unable to find "All the Rage" online
Debbie Roes
Linda Elarde
Migrating and fluctuating pain was my first clue that there wasn't a structural issue at the core of my pain.
Shawn Smith
You can rent "All The Rage" at: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/alltherage
Debbie Roes
It's available on demand to rent for $4.99 or buy for $14.99. You can watch it on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, or Chromecast.
Linda Elarde
thank you!
Steve Rose
thank you very much for putting on these lectures!
binah schiff
debbie,you definitely can be helped!! sometimes people tend to keep on trying to learn more and more abt tms....and in essence that in itself can hold one back, distract, one ,from truly facing the underlying triggers brain is trying to protect you from, so dont put pressure on yourself ,trust yourself, and try to keep things simple, ie face your fears and triggers safely, and as dieters know dont keep going on the scale every few hours, give yourself unpressurized time and the success will sneak in un!!
Debbie Roes
Thank you for these lectures! I just found out about you recently and last week was my first lecture.
Linda Elarde
Just saw a Netflix documentary called "Heal" about the mind body connection....
Debbie Roes
Thank you, Binah, for your support and encouragement!
Linda Elarde
Thank you for a great presentation! The medical community needs to get this!
binah schiff