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Levelling Up and London - Shared screen with speaker view
For London to work, and be 'successful', is it too reliant on being serviced by many on low or poverty wages? Is that a good measure or model of success?
Hi Steven, the social deprivation is actually measured by a couple of domains, e.g., employment, health, housing, accessibility to service, etc., so the measurement of social inequalities and segmentation is not simply relied on low wages
Rosie Niven
Question for Justin - I think I left it in the wrong place... Question for Justin: When you look at the nationwide data what locations outside London are the places that Londoners are most likely to move and have these changed since COVID? Rosie Niven, Science and Engineering South
Abigail Baker
Hello to anyone just joining. We are taking a short break and will resume at 3:15pm with a presentation from Jack Brown and Joe Fyans on the narratives around levelling up.
Abigail Baker
Then we will have Tony Travers present on public funding in London and how it has changed overtime.
Abigail Baker
And finally, if anyone currently joining us online would like to come to Senate House we will have a reception at 5pm with wine and snacks.
Abigail Baker
We are taking a 5 minute break.