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REAL Colorado & Groundwork: Team Manager Training Call - Shared screen with speaker view
So if we don't choose the "Allow Players to opt out of payement for this invoice", then the amount comes automatically out of the parents bank account on the due date?
Henriette Sheahan
What would be the reason they need automatic payments outside of the minimum balance? Estimate for coaches fees for travel?
kathleen steffe
Correct. Although parents have 2 options for payment. They can choose pay in Full or Pay on Schedule. Pay on Full will pay that invoice as soon as you publish. Pay on schedule will take the funds on the due date at midnight of that day.
kathleen steffe
Automatic payments would be if you want to break up some heavy travel expense. You could charge say $200 every 3 weeks so parents aren’t burdened with a $1500 bill all at once. Probably would only be used for a few teams.
Henriette Sheahan
At what point can you delete the invoice so that they don't get an email about it
kathleen steffe
As soon as you Publish and provided you have invited the parents, they will get an email. I’ll ask how much time they have if they are set up with the Pay in Full payment option. It will hit their card/ach pretty quick but not sure of the exact time frame.
kathleen steffe
parents will be charged 3.9% processing fee + $.30/transaction if the parent chooses to pay with a card- credit or debit.
What is the fee should a parent use a credit card for payment?
kathleen steffe
just posted the card fees above your question. thanks
Sorry just saw that. thanks
kathleen steffe
When parents pay their invoice, they will see the card fees next to the invoice amount- not just the % for the total $ amount that would be charged with a card.
Do we get a check book from groundwork or just a debit card?
kathleen steffe
No check books. You can create a check online- Go to Team Banking and click on BillPay. You would create a Payee-name/address, put in the amount and submit. The Payee will receive a paper check in 8-10 days.
Amber Smith
Under budget there is an option to disable sharing the budget summary with the parents and we do recommend you disable it so they don’t see the budget screen. Its not important for them to see but you can share if you would like.
Henriette Sheahan
I think you mentioned this, but payment has to be a papercheck, Cant venmo, zelle or paypal?
kathleen steffe
Correct. No PayPal, Venmo etc. As Nick mentioned though, in the near future you will be able to send money electronically via ACH to a coach or parent (or manager to be reimbursed for travel etc). This will eliminate most of the BillPays in the future.
Ken Ligrani
Have debit cards been sent out from Real yet?
Amber Smith
I will notify each treasurer as the cards come in and they will be picked up in the office.
Ken Ligrani
Thank you
Henriette Sheahan
Could he give a live example of say, parent pays for team dinner. What are your steps.
Henriette Sheahan
What if the invoice is already paid and you need to make an adjustment
Can we touch on fundraising and how to account for it before the session ends?
Henriette Sheahan
Can you refund all at once, or do you have to do it indivually. Like you said travel would be 1000 and it was 900 for everyone
Would the refund go into their bank account or credit card or will a check be send to them
kathleen steffe
BAck to the payment method they used to pay that invoice
Can you refund more than they paid. Like say someone put a tournament fee on their personal card, can I reimburse them via refund, instead of having to send a check