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LF Edge: TAC Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Jim St. Leger
Placeholder for Sukhdev for after: STage 3 rqmts specifically says "Projects that have several, publicly known, end-user deployments." you can't use the justification of "some users have proprietary platforms and dont' want to disclose." That would mean it would not count per the specific Stage 3 language as-is today. And we elect to vote as-is.
Jim St. Leger
Jim White
This is a false statement everyone - I am the Vice chair of EdgeX Foundry and we did not participate in the blue print creation. So saying they have integration with EdgeX is simply false
Jim White
point of order - Request the floor for rebutal
Glenn Seiler
Hi Jim, actually we (Far Edge Blueprint team) have taken the EdgeX framework and included it in a VM workload and deploy it via StarlingX. That is what we mean by integration.
James Ward
Completely agree
Jim White
Have to go to another call.
Rodney Richter
need to drop. Will look for any additional notes.