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Shandelle Henson
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Jake Prosser (he/him)
Great presentation! Sorry if you’ve already mentioned this during it, but is the “temperature delay” (Tt-270) due to a delayed effect of temperature on growth?
Annabel Meade (she/her)
Jake Prosser’s question: We added the 270 day delay, because it worked out mathematically. It is known and observed that the GWSS do “best” (i.e. peak in their population sizes) during hottest part of the year in California. Our temperature-dependent birth/developmental rate models are designed so that the GWSS have highest rates in the summer. If you remember from calculus—if your rate of change is at its peak, the population will not peak until later. Thus, we added a temperature delay so that our highest rates would occur in Spring instead of Summer, and then the GWSS populations would peak in the summer as well. Hopefully that all made since, if you would like to know more, feel free to email me at aemeade@ncsu.edu!
Jake Prosser (he/him)
Thanks Annabel, that makes sense! Again, great presentation!
Shandelle Henson
Thank you everyone!