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Catalysing and Sustaining Inclusive Agricultural Transformation: Experiences and Lessons from the Field - Shared screen with gallery view
Godswill Aguiyi
UPOV is the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants
Abiodun Aderibigbe
Aderibigbe Abiodun from Sustainable Environment Food and Agriculture Initiative Lagos Nigeria. Glad to be here. info@sefaai.org
Abiodun Aderibigbe
My organization is working with farmers in South west Nigeria, Oyo state specifically, we discovered an imminent threat to food security in the state is grazing of farmers crops and attacks of farming communities by herdsmen.
Dan Durett
Hello Aderibigbe, glad to meet you! Dan Durett, President & Founder of the African, Pan-African Health Alliance & Collaborative. We are awaiting registration approval by the Nigerian government. APAHAC is in the process of building its capacity and presence both in African and the Pan-African Diaspora. We are focused on Health, Agriculture, Environment, and Manufacturing. Deeply committed to strengthening and enhancing the participation of cross sectoral business, government , NGO and educational institutions. Here to learn! ddurett@apahac.com
Abiodun Aderibigbe
Glad to e-meet you too, I'll definitely connect with you. Thank you!
Dan Durett
Aderibigbe, we are opening an office in Lagos, once we get our registration approved in Abuja.
Abiodun Aderibigbe
@Dan we will continue our conversation offline my email is aderibigbeabiodunj@sefaai.org
Dan Durett
Abiodun Aderibigbe
@Ayodeji what about farmers in South West and other regions, is Agra action restricted to North. Our experience with farmers in oyo state is that farmers in the region produced and there are no offttakers to buy their crops resulting in low incentive to produce? SEFAAI work with farmers helping them to form cooperative, teaching them climate smart practices and supporting them with small inputs within our current fund from the project called "Fork to farm" which is funded by Nourish Scotland.
Paul Ilona
Are biofortified maize (vitamin A maize) part of the varieties used for this intervention? With biofortified crops, we can have food, nutrition and income security and farmers can be trained to cultivate, consume and market them. Ifeoma Okonkwo, HarvestPlus
Dr. Charles Iyangbe - Senior Agriculture Economist USAID/Nigeria
Please wait for 2 minutes, Dr. Audu
Abiodun Aderibigbe
Wao! Great presentation madam yemisi, I love how you captured the issue of insecurities in the ibarapa region of oyo state.
Oladunmade Otitoola
Thanks for the insights shared madam Yemisi! It is clear that young people must be the focus of agriculture support and initiatives for Africa to prosper long-term through Agriculture.
Danjuma Musa
Great presentations especially from AFEX Guru
Abiodun Aderibigbe
We can't discard the wisdom of the older farmers too, their resilience, experience and capacity. They also need support and interventions too.
Oladunmade Otitoola
@Abiodun, definitely true
Dan Durett
@ Abiodun, Great point...institutional wisdom and ancestral agricultural traditions are the true value-filled commodities
'Dayo Mosobalaje
I am Dayo Mosobalaje from KickStart International Inc. Nigeria. KickStart has a mission to lift millions out of poverty quickly, cost effectively and sustainably. We work with smallholder farmers supporting them with low cost irrigation innovations that enable them be climate resilient, do year round farming and produce high valued crops for nutritious food, besides selling to local markets to make more money. We use the partnership model to drive our strategy/impact. dayo.mosobalaje@kickstart.org
Abiodun Aderibigbe
@Dan indigenous knowledge and years of experience of olders farmers are key assets that we can tapped for improved production and sustainability; While we bring youths into the food production systems.
Dan Durett
Honourable Commissioner Hajia, greatly appreciate the illumination of the policy framework you have shared.
Dara Sobaloju
I'm from Agrific.co, we are a B2B company connecting sellers of agro-commodities with buyers of agro-commodities in Nigeria. We are presently On-boarding sellers and buyers to our platform, and we have a number of them already. If you'll like to join our platform or partner with us, please call +2347037954874 or dara@blockprocessed.com.
Dan Durett
@ Dara, will reach out to you and others over the coming day or two
This is very interesting and is a sure way to go. Thanks to all the Panelists, not only because of the presentations but for the efforts in advancing Agriculture in Nigeria. It gives some of us who read this course so much joy when we see improvements in the sector. I would like to add that Bureau Veritas Nigeria Limited as a Leading Testing, Inspection and Certification Company in Nigeria is every ready to provide needed services to bridge identified gaps and improve the whole process.….osmond.ike@bureauveritas.com, 08099904332 & halima.maibe@bureauveritas.com, 09087460905. Thanks
'Dayo Mosobalaje
Thanks AGRA and team for your great work of impact! Is AGRA Nigeria open to partnership on smallholder farmer-led irrigation? If yes, could you please find time to connect us with the right contact we can engage to explore possibilities around this? Thanks! dayo.mosobalaje@kickstart.org
Dan Durett
This has been a highly engaging and informative session, deep appreciation to all who put this together, presented and participated. I look forward to continuing the conversation with each of you through other platforms and modes of communication.
Dara Sobaloju
Okay, Dan.
Abraham Achirga
I can’t se the mail
Liz Ogutu
This has been a wonderful presentation with insightful information and shared interests. Many many thanks to AGRA, the panelists and all the participants. Thanks.
Paul Ilona
Dr Charles, THANK YOU Sir for being a wonderful moderator