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Investment Readiness Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Himani Nailwal
Hello all, this is Himani Nailwal, Associate Innovation Manager, IC. Looking forward to seeing some fall colors as the seasons change :)
Andrea Oh
My name is Andrea Oh and I head up a tech start-up launching a double-sided digital platform for teaching/learning complex skills (like a Kindle Reader for mastering movement skills). COVID-times have accelerated our company's activities as the world has become socially distanced and the need for effective tools for learning skills (that typically require one-on-one training) has become important for many organizations.Looking to apply (a second time) for IRP funding in hopes of being more successful this time around.
Tyson Bilton
Morning everyone! Tyson joining from Calgary. I’m a 4th year finance student, Co-chair of the SDGA and Co-founder of the Calgary Social Value Fund. Always looking forward to a webinar from Innovate Calgary and learning more about social entrepreneurship
Andrea Oh
OH! Our technology is “MOVE Improve”. :)
Orly Yadid-Pecht
HI - Although the funnel is wide open, it seems only NFP were awarded with funding in the first round... Do you expect this will change in this round?
Andrea Wall
Welcome folks! Thank you for joining us this morning for our session on Investment Readiness.Would love to know who's on the call - please feel welcome to introduce yourselves.Also encourage you to ask questions in the chat as we listen and we'll address them following the presentations. Thanks for getting us started, Orly!
Beena Tharakan
Hi - Beena working with the The Sector Inc, a mission-driven consulting firm with over 15 years experience in the social enterprise marketplace. We are currently working with preferred partners to assist social enterprises prepare and submit their applications. This often translates to an ongoing working relationship to support initiatives aligning with this program and broader opportunities in the social finance ecosystem.
HI My name's Rebecca My company aims to make plant-based textile alternatives to plastic to help out the environment. Would this be considered a social enterprise? Helping the environment?
Orly Yadid-Pecht
Thanks Andrea for facilitating this! I'm Orly Yadid-Pecht, promoting entrepreneurship among women in STEM. Another related question - we are in early stage, although offering a few workshops till now - It seems the organizations that were awarded were more "established" and not early stage... Is it just a coincidence?...
Andrea Wall
Hi Rebecca - sounds like an important venture! We consider social enterprises as those which use a business model (sales of a product or service) to support the achievement of social, cultural, or environmental impact, so yes!Happy to discuss further - feel free to book a coffee with our team! @Himani - can you pop a link into the chat?
Yes please.
Oh sorry a link to what?
Beena Tharakan
If an enterprise is already investor ready or receiving investment but not in the social finance marketplace, can it still apply?
Himani Nailwal
Book a meeting with us through https://innovatecalgary.com/contact/
Ok. Thank you!
Himani Nailwal
Learn more about the Social Innovation team and upcoming webinars here-> https://innovatecalgary.com/social-innovation/
Michelle Delisle
Is there a restriction to showcase in the IRP a market & sales opportunity in the US & UK?
Azizur Rahman
Do we need to find investor before IRP application?
Azizur Rahman
Can we use fund for staff salary?
Andrea Wall
Great questions! We're about to wrap up the formal presentations and will raise all of these questions with Mike & Brooks momentarily.
Andrea Oh
Will we get access to these slides?
Jordana Armstrong
Mike, excellent comments, thank you! Do you have 5 minutes at 9:30 to run through the deal killers? I think some folks may want to stick around for that
Andrea Wall
Hi Andrea - The recording will be posted on our website in the next couple of days. If anyone would like a copy of the presentations themselves, please email me directly - awall@innovatecalgary.com.
Andrea Oh
I will definitely stick around for that!
Raquel Feroe
is there a list of recommended coaches under the different categories? If we use IRP money we want coaches that can help us deliver!!!
Laki S
Pretty good VC tips .. greatly appreciated if you could share the slide deck
Andrea Wall
Please feel welcome to follow up with Brooks re: IRP directly irpalberta@gmail.com.
Beena Tharakan
Raquel we provide those services at The Sector Inc (www.thesectorinc.ca)
Andrea Oh
That would be great. We are looking at globalization/translations for our platform.
Andrea Oh
But consulting services and Expert Advisors are acceptable?
Orly Yadid-Pecht
Is there someone that can help reviewing?
Beena Tharakan
We provide expert coaching and consulting services. Please visit www.thesectorinc.ca
Andrea Wall
hi Laki and all. Thanks for joining us this morning! Please email me directly if you would like a copy of these slides. awall@innovatecalgary.com
Laki S
Sure Andrea. Great and valuable presentation. Thanks for organizing
Andrea Wall
Thanks, Laki! This series is certainly a team effort! How did you learn about it?
Laki S
Julian Mulia
What is better early valuation or the use of SAFE?
Rob Harlan
Will there be a Round #3 or anything equivalent?
Jordana Armstrong
Hi Julian - SAFE is trendy, but not the only way to defer valuation. At IC, we use a convertible note that allows us to defer valuation until an arms length investor comes into to negotiate the first evaluation with the founder. Other debt is a good way to build more traction to better negotiate your valuation (folks like the Social Enterprise Fund).
Beena Tharakan
Thanks so much