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COVID Vaccine Townhall - Shared screen with speaker view
Tine DeJong
what about the psw in the community .are the on the list get the needles .
Tine DeJong
if you have covit do you need to get the needke
Njeri Mugwe
Do you get reinfected after testing positive?
Joie Francisco
I have asthma and allergy in seafoods, ibuprofen- and breastfee
Natasha Wallis
what are the results of a Covid sensitivity assay with the vaccines?
Jane Teasdale
What about the vulnerable clients in the community. They are also very important? Those that work with Private Home Care Agencies in the community for some reason they seem to get left out.
Jane Teasdale
We have to think about those in the community and those that are providing care for the vulnerable people.
Jane Teasdale
Sorry where do PSW's that are in the community register to get their vaccine??? Can anyone give information on The City Covid Immunization Clinic Metro Toronto Convention Centre? This starts this Monday. Who is this actually for to go down. It opens from 11:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. this is not clear who can go down.
Jane Teasdale
In some parts of England they have already vaccinated 50% of the over 80's why are we slow here in Canada.
Breymann Cameron
Will caregivers subcontracted in retirement homes get vaccinated with the other caregivers of the home? We were told ‘no’ by the retirement home we work in.
Jane Teasdale
Yes we know of caregivers being vaccinated by retirement homes in instances where they are not directly employed by them. We believe they should be because you are working in congregate living.
Breymann Cameron
Thank you!
KIM Robertson
Can you please contact Fairview Mennonite Home and St. Lukes Place both in Cambridge to advise them that outside private PSWs should be vaccinated along with their own staff. I have enquired and been refused
Jane Teasdale
Government and Toronto Public Health need to be spreading their planning as far and as wide as possible and this means working as widely in the community as can be!
Natasha Wallis
Because this is an mRNA vaccine the mRNA will break down once protein synthesis is completed, how stable is the completed protein? What prevents it from undergoing degradation? What type of properties does the protein carry apart from the localization signal? Is there a chance that even after the vaccine your cells will destroy the protein leaving you with no immunity since it may not have need for the protein unless it comes into contact with the virus? how many cells undergo endocytosis of the vaccine?
Jane Teasdale
There is not list with Toronto Public Health of the many community agencies I'm afraid. We have spoken to them.
Breymann Cameron
Thanks again!!
KIM Robertson
I am self employed PSW so no employer to go to. I contacted Public Health Unit and received generic response that general public would receive about the provincial roll out.
Jean Dunk
Yes, please repeat and share this town hall. The information was very good and eased many concerns. I would like to share it with my former PSW colleagues. As well, I feel better armed with knowledge to share with my clientele. Being self employed, I will be in contact with my physician and Pulbic Health awaiting my vaccine. Thank you for the information!
Breymann Cameron
I thank you for your valuable insights and information!
Kelli Hyland
This was very informative and I appreciate the answers for my concerns I am being vaccinated on Saturday and I am no longer nervous about . Thank you all so much.
Minh Dai Quach
Thank you very much for the information!
Jane Teasdale
Thank you for this information and thank you to the presenters today.
Lisa Lavictoire
I would love to take a moment and say thank you all so much for all this amazing information tonight. I am so glad I was in-visit here tonight so thank you all
KIM Robertson
Thank you to everyone on the panel!
Helen Thoburn
This has been a profoundly informative talk. Thank you to all of you.
Agnes Burgos
Thank you for sharing such valuable information to us