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E2A Project's Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with speaker view
Stephen Hodgins
great framing, Larry
Joseph Petraglia
thanks for calling out the cognitive (e.g., adaptive capacity) dimension of all this, Rebecka. I think we sometimes get too invested in the systems dimension without thinking about implementers' ability/preparedness to accommodate new systems and approaches.
Re Brendan: GFF is also involved in supporting systems change; the combination of scaling innovation and supportive systems change is particularly important, I believe, like two blades of a pair of scissors
re Ruth: we did some of the collection of tools in our work with IDIA (also published in 2017) — this should and could be updated; I can explore this with R4D and IDIA
Brendan Hayes
Thanks Johannes, per the discussion, I'd suggest that political economy is an important third blade that needs more attention than it receives.
Absolutely — political economy of scaling and systems change is critical (and too often neglected by analysts. practitioners and donors, including by the Bank); whether it its an enabling factor, or a separate issue to consider in trying to bring about enabling conditions, may be worth exploring.
Trinity Zan
We are VERY interested to hear from members about where and how we should focus moving forward, as well as what maybe didn't work as well as desired in past.
Rebecka Lundgren
I think that is related to the issue of social norms change as a support for scale up that Ryan raised
Trinity Zan
We may look to put out some sort of survey to get your collective feedback, and also aim for a next meeting in January 2021.
Martha Brady (PATH)
Thanks E2A, Expand Net to a great discussion today. I look forward to continue to working with FHID360 and the entire CoP in the next phase. Best to all. Stay well
Rebecka Lundgren
I second that. Congratulations for you work establishing and maintaining this CoP. It has been very valuable over the years.
Reshma Trasi
Thanks, E-squared :-) E2A and ExpandNet - what a great collaboration over the years! You all have really led the conversation from the front. Excited for the next phase - advancing the science and practice of scaling up innovations - with R4S.
Erin Mielke
Adding my congrats to E2A and ExpandNet, and happy for R4S to carry on the torch!
Ryan Derni
Thanks E2A and ExpandNet! The scaling tools and guidance that this COP facilitates are invaluable