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Faith Again - Kathryn Knight Sonntag - Speaker view
Jana Spangler
Feel free to ask questions for Kathryn here.
Jana Spangler
The chat should be open to everyone now
Kathryn, how do you address God in your personal prayers, and in your prayers among other’s in a church setting? If this is a personal a question I understand if you’d rather pass on the question.
Karey Crain
Thanks for your answer. I very much agree. Now let’s convince the men!
Bravo. Thank you to the woman who just brought up this issue.
Karey Crain
Great question! I honestly find hope on the internet!
Ash Rowan (they/them)
Also loving this question (I’m nonbinary and also a mom so it can definitely be nuanced and complex!)
Douglas Smith
I’m a guy. Over the past year and a half during covid, being without a job and having to hunker down in lockdown, I have had so many promptings about a larger God, and a Heavenly Mother. I think a larger order is coming. I’m no longer religious, but hold many spiritual promptings and thoughts dear. I continue to connect with a loving Creator, but believe there is more than what men have promulgated here on earth. I believe the eradication of the divine feminine is an evil thing, done by men. Done by religion, as a way to hold power and control. I’m very glad for this dialogue today. Much needed.
Douglas Smith
I’ve grieved over this past summer, knowing that people like Fiona Givens was tossed to curb by Desert Book and the Maxwell Institute, for giving a larger voice to the idea of a Heavenly Mother. Thank God for women of courage. Thank you Kathryn.
Thank you for answering my question.
Douglas Smith
Affairs of this earth have largely been influenced by men; in politics, socially, religiously, legislatively. The world is a mess. I’ve long felt that I’d like more women to govern and influence affairs of the world ( in kindness and righteousness). I’d follow a humble, righteous woman any day. My maternal grandmother was the biggest influence in my life. She was loving and a sacred figure to me.
Douglas Smith
I’ve pondered much on how traits that Christ embodied are traits that we admire and hope for. Yet, with toxic masculinity today, these traits are seen as weakness. It tells us how much change needs to happen in our world.
Douglas Smith
And today, we see these traits as feminine. It’s always seemed so odd to me.
Jessica Burdette
Thank you, Kathryn 💜
Karey Crain
These are beautiful thoughts, Joe. Thank you for sharing.
Douglas Smith
Christ’s first followers were women and women formed the first convent of follows of the Gospel. Christ made himself manifest to women first, following his resurrection. It was men who were the doubters.
Micah Woodworth
Y'all would enjoy Harold Kushner's analysis of the Adam and Eve story. He says it's all about separating humans from animals because it's when we gained a conscience -- it's when we ate of the fruit that gave us knowledge, a conscience, and made us more like the Gods. And in that sense, Eve was really the first human because she gained a conscience first. A lot of other good stuff, but I loved that part.
Douglas Smith
thanks Micah, I will read this.
Jody England Hansen
Excellent evening. Thank you, Kathryn!
Douglas Smith
Yes, thank you Kathryn, I needed this.
A very rich hour-and-a-half. Thank you. —Gwendolyn Soper
Karey Crain
Thank you to Kathryn and everyone who organised.
Joseph Bennion
Don’t sleep through the restoration.