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Engaging with Industry - New South Wales - Shared screen with speaker view
Sarah Crowe (she/her)
Good morning everyone, I am also joining from Ngunnawal Country - I encourage everyone to share where they are in the chat
Tom Swanton
Hello everyone, I'm on Gadigal and Wangal lands
Raquel Rocha
Joining also from Ngunnawal Country! :)
Victor Loh
Joining from Darug and GuriNgai lands
Braydon Meyer
Hello from Gadigal land!
Audrey Ndukwe
Joining from Yuggera and Turrbal lands
Sarah Crowe (she/her)
If you would like to share your experiences this morning on social media you can use our hashtags #EngagingWithIndustry #IMNIS2021 and don't forget to tag us @_IMNIS on Twitter!
Senani Rathnayake
Hello everyone I am joining from the Darug land!
Braydon Meyer
Hi team, just wondering if we're being bold and approaching a company for R&D help, is there a best way to go about this?Should we be working with companies from the ground up (i.e. grant application stage), or do we need that proof of concept beforehand?
Braydon Meyer
Thank you!
Brenton Hamdorf
It is the paradox of university / industry collaboration. They generally need one another (if being innovative) but the University's typically have very early stage technologies while industry want a well developed technology that is close to commercial proof of concept. Most academic researchers do not appreciate the amount of development and investment that is required to commercialise a technology and industry often don't appreciate the limitations of universities. Should this gap be the area for Government funding programs? Or is it just an educational gap?
Brenton Hamdorf
The Federal Government is keen to encourage greater industry/academic collaboration. There is a current consultation on standard agreements - what are he panels thoughts on the potential to utilise standard agreements? Is it feasible?
Rhianne Scicluna
Thanks so much for the informative session