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Daniel Cooney
Thank you everyone for coming! If you have questions for the speaker, you may either type them into the chat or use the “raise hand” feature to ask your question live after the talk.
Shota Shibasaki
Thank you for a great talk. Maybe I missed it, but does your model consider one-dimensional spatial structure? If so, would you obtain similar results when you consider three-dimensional space?
Maria Martignoni
If I understood correctly you tested two hypotheses: cooperation or competition. Wouldn't it be possible that plants cooperate at low biomass and compete when the biomass is larger? (the behaviour changes depending on plant biomass)
Daniel Cooney
If you have questions for the speakers, you may either type them in the chat or use the “raise your hand” feature to ask questions live.
Arne Traulsen
Very nice talk, Max! What is the intuition behind a fixation probability function that does not increase (in 1d) if you approach the absorbing point?
Seung Ki Baek
It seems that your theory predicts an equilibrium sex ratio (x) as a function of the larger gamete size (s*). Am I right?
Seung Ki Baek
I see. thanks!