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Masterclass – Malaysia’s Capital Market 2021 and beyond with Datuk Zainal Izlan Zainal Abidin, CFA - Shared screen with speaker view
Safuraa Ramli
assalamu'alaikum datuk.
Safuraa Ramli
how do you see the development and sustainability of retail participation in bursa malaysia of late and moving forward?
Daniel Wong
Datuk, how will SC deal with digital platforms that do not respect physical boundaries such as eToro? It does not seem to make sense to ban them and discourage inevstors from using it, although we understand the lack of jurisdiction.
Wee Lim Fong
Good Evening Datuk, What is your opinion about current stock market ?
Jin Yoong Chong
Gd evening Datuk. Are there any plans / roadmap for ECF to facilitate secondary trading of the shares issued on these platforms in the future?
Geoffrey Ng
Hi Datuk Izlan, in facilitating development of the domestic capital market, how can SC play a role in development of young professionals in the industry - in particular areas like technical skills, ethics and putting investors first? Thanks!
Jiah Kee Woo
good evening, Datuk. Is there potential risk of systemic failure in 2021 and if yes, what factors should we look into?
Amirul Asyraaf
As Salam Datuk Izlan. what is/are SC initiative to attract foreign companies to raise sukuk in Malaysia?
Hi Datuk, SC has always been well-versed in equities being the regulator and gatekeepers to listed equity companies. However we have yet to see much progress made in the listed bond market and private debt sector. In SC, what are the roadmap in developing the listed bond market, private debt as well as derivatives. Thank you
Heng Chuan Shu
Hi Datuk, does SC has any plan to support smaller corporate finance advisory license holders to participate in listing activity as currently the only few bigger firms are eligible to undertake listing activities.
Daniel Wong
The question is not put in the right context.
Daniel Wong
Thank you, Justin
Geoffrey Ng
No pressure to promote the CFA program, Datuk!
Daniel Wong
1. GIPS has now been amended so that it can be adopted by Collective Investment Schemes. What value do you see in GIPS and should SC be pushing for it to protect investors in the unlisted securities space?2. Why is SC not utilising whistleblowing more, as it has been proven effective overseas?
Daniel Wong
ValueCap was GIPS-compliant