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Bring in the Experts - 2020 Election Economic Debate - Shared screen with speaker view
Financial Advice New Zealand
Good morning everyone. Welcome to our 44th Bring in the Expert Webinars. You have all been muted and your videos turned off but feel free to ask questions down the side bar in the chatroom and in questions and answers. Katrina Shanks will ask the questions on your behalfEnjoy the webinar!
Financial Advice New Zealand
Feel free to start asking questions which I can ask on your behalf.
Clinton Stanger
Thanks Gentlemen. Nice multi-tasking Paul. Seriously with no prospects of having a government surplus in quite a number of years, how are we placed if we encounter a major natural disaster such as the Canterbury Earthquakes?
Charlene Overell
What plans do you have about the govt subsidies provided to employers, that have not been needed? will you be looking to claim them back to put back into the economy? seems a shame some companies who've claimed them and not needed the money, are I understand now paying dividends to shareholders...………..