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Polk Co EOC Stakeholders Briefing - Shared screen with speaker view
Joe Stafford
Could Phase 1-B potentially include our Animal Services team of approximately 15 individuals who work for the ARL and are responsible for providing Animal Sheltering and Animal Control for the City of Des Moines?
Shelley Welsh
With the announcement from the Federal government that they will be releasing all of the "reserved" vaccine they have been withholding, will we see a big increase in supply soon? How will supply be distributed? Can you give us any idea when you might start distributing vaccine to community pharmacies?
Kate Garner
The CDC announced it will send a letter to Governors to encourage them to expand vaccinations to 65+ and 65- with preexisting. Any word from the Iowa Council on whether they will expand recommendations? Also, how have we been faring in available vaccine vs need?
Peter Walther
Is there a protocol for the vaccination of essential business staff (Group 1B)? Will the vaccination be coordinated by the employer or will there be a “trigger” from external side?
William Downs
I'm apart of a large business (3K+) with Occ Nurse looking to be approved to offer vaccines to our employees as a Closed POD during our appropriate Phase. We have a number of employees who live outside of Polk County and/or work outside of Polk county. Do we need to complete the same vaccine approval process for those counties?
Robert Goldhammer
The state and county are doing a great of trying to manage the vaccination process, but what is going to happen now that the president is saying that anyone over 65 can get the shot(s)?
Jim Wilkie
Are Direct Support professionals who provide services to individuals with intellectual disabilities and considered essential health care workers included in group 1A, also, are those individual who living in a supported community living situations considered in group 1A as well
Clinton Torp
Will there be opportunities to host on-site clinics for larger operations such as the airport? Any idea where transportation workers will fall within the priority system?
Sandra Ham
Will the release of the vaccines impact the availability of our second doses?
Erik Maki
Can you clarify eligibility of those who live in the different types of senior living communities (i.e. apartments that may have variable levels of support)? Are their certain features that would include or exclude community?
Sandra Foster
Healthcare students are recognized in the expanded group, does this include their instructors who instruct them in their clinical rotations/internships?
Casey Villhauer
Beyond signing the RedCap agreement, what can a community pharmacy with available pharmacists do to make sure they are on the list of sites to receive vaccine?
Cynthia Fodor
When do you think vaccinating 1B will begin? Are you concerned about the lack of a mask mandate at the Legislature?
Brad Buck
Where can I find the most recent group of roles included in Group 1B?
LeeAnn Smoldt
If the governor mandates schools to be 100% in person, are teachers/school staff going to be moved up?
Nicole Cable
Many schools are considering moving to 5 days a week and ALL activities are resuming (current season, off season, other activities). Is this advisable given current indicators of surge and 14 day positivity >15% and close proximity to holidays when people gathered? When will we have a better sense how large the surge from holidays will be?
Our company has fulfilled IRIS, RedCap and Vaccination agreement documentation. At what point would we know if the vaccine would be delivered to our site?
Joe Dolack
With the changes in 1B has that moved community lifelines to a different group? In reference to our front line food pantry workers.
Joe Dolack
can you put the link in the chat?
Kevin Schneider
Many of the health care folks are listed in 1A most have the opportunity to test individuals prior to having contact. What or who could alter the groups and include law enforcement in !A
Malaney Abel
Once the change to 1B group is complete, will Polk County let those organizations know?
Robert Goldhammer
Kudos to everyone involved for trying to provide a structured program on a foundation that is constantly shifting!
Paul Gibbins
Joe Dolack
Paul Gibbins
https://idph.iowa.gov/Emerging-Health-Issues/Novel-Coronavirus/IDAC Webpage with multiple documents
Marci Elkabchi
Will the state be contacting community pharmacies if assistance is required for phase 1a?
Malaney Abel
Great, thank you very much! Keep up the wonderful work, your efforts are appreciated.
Patricia Townsend
Robert Goldhammer
Do we have to get our shot in the county in which we live?
Joe Stafford
Thank you all so much! This is an invaluable services and I sincerely appreciate all of your efforts!
Jesse Truax
Casey Villhauer
I realize this is an evolving process, can you talk about how you are monitoring the success of rate of administration?