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Using Pupil Premium Plus for enhanced CAMHS support - Shared screen with speaker view
Peter Douglas
Do you provide the service for CYP both in and out of authority?
Peter Douglas
Rotherham - Fully agree that VS must manage PP+ budget and we have similar commissioning realtionships for Education Psychology and SALT. Excited to work towards accessing CAMHS support.
Christine Stonehouse
Are all of the team full time with the VS? Have any schools objected?
Peter Douglas
Rotherham - What is the rough breakdown of the different types of intervention in terms of time spent (e.g training vs. assessment vs. direct work)?
Christine Stonehouse
Do you offer the provision to Early Years and Post 16 or just to those of statutory school age?
Peter Douglas
Rotherham, do you have a specific therapeutic service beyond what your team offers for LAC. In Rotherham we have a therapeutic sevice for our LAC and PLAC but this is stretched and as scuh can see the benefit of the addtional support your model provides.
Peter Douglas
Thank you for the response singing from the same hymn sheet.
Christine Stonehouse
Thank you very much Patrick and Victoria - really appreciate the session.
Sian Biddlecombe
Thank you very much, very interesting!
Adriana Coupe
Thank you. A vey useful webinar!
Lorraine Thompson
Thank you very much, really informative