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Seattle Boat Show LIVE - Shared screen with gallery view
Michael Bender
Greetings from San Francisco. A chilly 65 today, but 10’ seas out The Gate!
Michael Bender
10 foot, not 1o knot seas!
Peter Schrappen
Peter Schrappen
Wanting to contact the Waggoner Guide team? https://waggonerguide.com/contact/
Chris Carlin
Question: How are CHS and NOAA (actually the National Ocean Service) coordinating secondary BC current station information? Generally info from the 2 parties is [very] different/inconsistent, though reference station current data appears to always be the same. A related question is the BC secondary current station info provided by NOAA is VERY helpful/useful. Is there any plan for CHS to provide what they believe is accurate info (particularly since so many of the NOAA 2ndary stations have no equiv. CHS published info)? A 3rd question is one of the largest US charting/navigation SW vendors uses their own BC current info, which is again inconsistent with CHS published info. Will you ever slap their hand and tell folks that it is not accurate ….? For what it's worth, Ports & Passes seems to be the best single reference for recreational boaters while in BC. THX.
Dorothy Murrell
I’m interested in when the freighter anchorages in English Bay and the Southern Gulf Islands were first established. They are on the current charts, but in which year were they established?