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Second Community Forum on District's Reopening Plan - Shared screen with speaker view
stacey piegari
Will there be temperature checks daily? And if so what is the threshold limit to decide on sending the child home?
stacey piegari
and do the air conditioners have HEPA filters or regular filters?
Lindarosa Rivera
Will there be Remote learning for K-5 students too?
if cohorts are still being put together why can’t class changes be requestes
Marissa Peterson
Will students who have a device as an accommodation have access to that the days they are in school?
is there a disciplinary procedure set up for students who refuse to wear mask?
Kristin McErlean
Do students need to wear their mask when socially distanced if they are independently working at their desk?
jennifer autera
I think my question was not uploaded. If a HS student has no lunch period in their schedule and cannot eat in class, how will the student have access to nutrition? What is the plan for that? Or are we expecting a student to just not eat for 7 hours/
jennifer autera
I would like to hear the details for the HS full remote plan in the event that we are in shutdown. This plan should include for a temporary quarantine shutdown and a complete extended shutdown. I do have the expectation that a full remote model be inclusive of synchronous live instruction
Ana Fernandez
Working towards synchronous learning is a great idea.
Lindarosa Rivera
If there is Remote learning for K-5! Will the students still have Chorus, Band, & Trebel Makers? And how will the practices be done?
Ana Fernandez
Will student's that do not plan on attending in person have an opportunity to pick up ID cards and other necessary items other than 9/9 ? Possible during a time or day when less students are in the building ?
Michele Vannoni
Are secondary students going to be assigned lockers or will they be carrying their backpacks around?
jennifer autera
I disagree with the request to post questions in the Q&A as opposed to chat. Parents are only able to view questions in Zoom Webinar Chat and I believe we should have this format of full tranparency
I agree fully with that. also the questions should be read verbatim and/or read by the suoerintendent herself
Lindarosa Rivera
This question is about k-5 are the supplies list online on Islip school website accurate?
jennifer autera
According to Suffolk County Health Department and Steve Bellone's office that issued a statement release statement/document last week and a negative COVID test is not needed to return to school if the health care provider made the determination that a COVID test was not warranted. Is that the policy we are following?
Michele Vannoni
Will students be required to wear masks in the classroom to protect each other and the teacher?
Megan Zarchy
@Michele, yes
so any student that coughs or sneezes is going to get a phone call home or sent home? if so you aren’t going to have many students in the school
jennifer autera
Thank you for committing to the community that we will have live instruction is some format for the students in the event of a shutdown
Erica Wilson
1st grade no longer has cohorts as you said earlier right? they will be alone with just the class all day?
Megan Zarchy
@Erica yes
Robb Le Vien
@erica, yes.
Erica Wilson
Great thank you
Erica Wilson
if a child was on remote learning and then the schools close and everyone is getting live instruction will the remote kids be getting the same learning or just the “remote” lessons?
stacey piegari
and do the air conditioners have HEPA filters or regular filters?
Megan Zarchy
Lindarosa Rivera
what's the difference between remote learning and distance learning for K-5?
Kristin McErlean
What is the purpose of having the virtual learning days in September for elementary students?
stacey piegari
I thought I heard something about HEPA filters last week? I could be wrong. if so, are they in all of the building?
Tara LePage
a letter of intent to homeschool does not have to be 30days prior for first time homeschoolers. First time homeschoolers can get the Letter of Intent and IHIP in up to 2 weeks after the start of school.
Robb Le Vien
@Tara, Dr. Semel was referring to a home school child returning to the district.
Tara LePage
@LeVien, yes, it was my question, not asked fully to her. HMM., I thought she was responding that paperwork to homeschool needed to be in 30 days prior. Per the plan it states homeschooled child can return the first Monday of every month and I wanted to confirm that.
Since children cannot use the classroom bathroom, what bathroom will they be using? Who will be supervising the amount of students in the br at a time?
Do the teachers know of these plans and are they are in agreement? There is no agreement for live instruction at this time?
Tara LePage
What if already in school and keep taking off? Is the disciplinary action the same as dress code?
Mochele Daniels
if my child is not feeling welll -Not covid related- and I keep my child home will they be able to sign on remotely?
What is the number of el kids that can fit in a classroom adhering to guidelines?
Michele Vannoni
Thank you all for all your hard work
Ana Fernandez
Thank you all for you dedication to this matter
Gabriele Joinnides
depends on classroom but I think they said 14 in the elementary school
Elizabeth Thomas
Thanks to all who have been working hard on this
Danielle Giambo
Thank you for all of your hard work! It is so greatly appreciated. Thank you for being so positive!
Kristin McErlean
You are all beyond appreciated...thank you and we are going to be ok!!!!
Michelle Robinson
Thank you to all of you for your hard work.
Lindarosa Rivera
Thanks for all the information given . all of your work is greatly appreciated.
stacey piegari
thank you all for your relentless around the clock efforts. I am a bit taken back by the no temperature checks but I didn’t realize that’s a NYS decision-I will be reaching out to the NYS DOH about this as I am extremely concerned. this is one of the best ways to mitigate Covid and influenza incidences and it’s easy and inexpensive. temperate checks are required in all public places like nail salons, summer camp, etc...my kids have been in summer camp since 6/26-no masks are any camps including the indoor ones and they all had temperature checks and the incidence of COVID was rare and low.
stacey piegari
40-60% of children are asymptomatic but this is still a crucial clinical feature of this virus and at least the faculty should have it done at arrival bc they are the highest at risk. I am more worried about the adults than the children who have better outcomes than the adults if they do get infected..
Tricia Larmor
I have heard a bit about air ventilation within the classroom but what has been the consideration about air quality under the masks? There has been quite some reasonable debate about the effects of masks and how it causes changes in the oxygen metabolic process.Since there is evidence that wearing a mask causes rebreathing of one expelled breath, I think we should consider that masks can reduce oxygen levels in the blood and increase CO2 levels affecting the bodies metabolic process. It is expected that our kids are to wear these masks for long periods of time without a proper evaluation of whether we know the short and long term effects of even a slight reduction of oxygen level in the body particularly the brain. It seems counter productive to invest in our kids cognitive development while at the same time impairing it and possible damaging it. My concern is that we could see a decreased cognitive abilities due to this decision to mandate masks. Just like when smoking was believed to be harmless.
stacey piegari
hey Tricia! this is a very valid concern, however, the blood CO2 levels will never reach a clinical value to induce hypercapnia(excess blood CO2). The masks are not tight enough to the face to induce this. There is adequate air and gas exchange with the masks that “normal” people like us wear. If we were to wear the tight fitting N95 respirators with the surgical mask simultaneously, as healthcare workers do for 12-24 hr shifts, this is a different situation. The only way to induce hypercapnia is by using an air tight, sealed structure like a plastic bag over the head, face, mouth and neck, which would not allow any CO2 to escape. I have done extensive research on this, bc I had the same fear...:)