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CHHA-BC AGM - Shared screen with speaker view
Marc J
Can someone post the stream text link here.
Michelle Santiago
Streamtext: https://www.streamtext.net/player?event=chhabcagm
Michelle Santiago
Streamtext: https://www.streamtext.net/player?event=chhabcagm
Margaret Bear
How will the BC Act differ from the Federal Act and why do we need a provincial Act in the light of there being a Federal Act?
Gael Hannan
Will the Act eventually have sufficient ‘teeth’ that will enable citizens to obtain access when they do encounter barriers
Jessica Niemela
Are you able to elaborate at all on how the committee members will be able selected? Or is this information we need to wait on until the Act is passed?
Teresa Hemsing
Who will be prescribing which other organizations will be subject to the Accessible BC Act" Also, will "government" include municipalities and local government be subject also?
Bowen Tang
Is there a space for youth with disabilities to be involved in the meaningful participation of the accessibility standards via technical committees, provincial accessibility committees?
Charles Laszlo
What particular definition does your legislation use in using the concept of disability? Does it include mental disability as well physical and sensory disabilities?
Brady Yano
Just to follow up on the Minister's remarks to Bowen's question, we have launched an initial webpage that will continue to be updated as we move forward with this work. https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/governments/about-the-bc-government/accessibility/legislation
Rosalind Ho
Will there be space on the technical committees for representatives from organizations as well as individual persons - parents, youth, adults, etc?
Natasha Cox
you are muted
Natasha Cox
I have a question around masks.
Brady Yano
For those interested, full text of the proposed legislation is available here: https://www.leg.bc.ca/parliamentary-business/legislation-debates-proceedings/42nd-parliament/2nd-session/bills/first-reading/gov06-1
Bowen Tang
Thank you Brady for sharing the link. Is there a contact information that we can use to express our interests later on?
Natasha Cox
I was wondering if there has been any work on clear face masks especially clear face masks that are medical grade.
Natasha Cox
That is my question
Brady Yano
Hey Bowen - there will be a provincial expression of interest for members of the Provincial Accessibility Committee. I'd recommend keeping an eye on the web page and we'll be sure to promote it out through MLAs social media accounts including the Ministers!
Bowen Tang
Sounds good! Thank you.
Brady Yano
Should you or anyone on this call have questions moving forward, feel free to reach out to me at brady.yano@gov.bc.ca or to the Minister at SDPR.Minister@gov.bc.ca
Brady Yano
We've also put out a high-level timeline on our work here: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/government/about-the-bc-government/accessible-bc/accessibility-legislation-gantt.pdf
Natasha Cox
Thank you for answering our questions
Brady Yano
Thanks everyone for the invitation! Enjoy the rest of your meeting.