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Full NPRC Commission - Shared screen with speaker view
Lill P. (She/All)
I can see it!
Dan Cannity
About a minute left folks
Ashwin Ravikumar
happy to get direct emails too from commissioners: ashwinra@gmail.com
Thank you all so much for having us!
Patrick Waite (he/him)
thank you guys for presenting.
Rye Buckley
Thank you for having us!
Josey Rosales
sure in a little
Alex Jarrett
Josey, do you want to put your comments in that chat?
Josey Rosales
Josey Rosales
What struck me about the public hearing was these people who spoke about positive interactions with the police, from the pipe, the dogs, feeling unsafe in an office building. the thing about all these interactions is that they could have just as easily been done by someone who wasn't an armed police officer. I think we need to continue reinforcing that what were are doing is not making the community less safe that were are not cutting services were are reallocating funds away from an armed response to one done by individuals who are experts and also unarmed. Those who have had positive instances, im happy the system has worked for them and when all is said and done it is still going to work for them. but when we invest in these community initiatives more people will have these positive experiences by people who aren't always police but instead peer responders who don't threaten our community members of color. And as it was stated and what we had seen in the data that the budgeting sb committee has seen in t
Josey Rosales
my message got cut i can talk at the end
Josey Rosales
of the whole meeting or type something up later
Alex Jarrett
Josey, thank you for those comments. One way I find it easy to share that doesn't conflict with Open Meeting Law is to draft a document and share a link to it in the chat during the meeting.
Josey Rosales
Alex Jarrett
My comments on all my non-green light responses: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jJC_mHqGGFAedsxVqDAj9YOZenTSZOxw_ph4awVcdxQ/edit?usp=sharing
David Hoose
I gave this a green, but agree with Namdi that I am not ready to give up completely on training. We just need to understand that it is not a solution in and of itself.