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2021 TRADE WEBINAR: The British Apple & Pear Season - Shared screen with speaker view - Recording 2/2
Louise Raisbeck
All attendees will be muted throughout the webinar today. Please post your questions in this chat.
Luisa Cheshire
What is the likelihood of seasonal worker shortages for British apple and pear growers this coming season?
CE Murch
Million dollar question. Early season staff and returnees appear to be coming through ok even with the increased admin due to covid. The NLW means the UK is still very attractive to workers from abroad so I expect there is a willingness to get here.....if they can.
Luisa Cheshire
Thank you!
Luisa Cheshire
Is it possible to measure the impact of marketing activity with Raymond Blanc on British apple and pear sales?
Louise Raisbeck
We will answer as many of your questions today as possible. If we don’t get to your question, don’t worry we’ll follow up with you after the webinar.
Robert Rendall
On the labour issue, From our soft fruit, and other businesses, we are starting to see labour tighten up, agencies are reporting the same. UK workers are now in demand and are not necessarily coming back to their previous industries as they reassess their life priorities post covid. The Home Office are not anywhere close to keeping up with issuing any of the new visa’s, leaving only returnees with settled status or residency, who are in demand across Europe. Hopefully the Home office can get on top of it in time for UK Apple harvest!
Chris Rose
What are the key requirements to increase UK pear production?
Luisa Cheshire
What does the panel/BAPL think about prospects for British apple and pear exports to India following the latest trade deal announcement?
Phil Acock
What is the export potential for the famous English Bramley Apple
Robert Rendall
What do the panel think can be done by the industry to ensure sales and sustainable returns for 75-85mm apples? These are inevitable from newly planted orchards and some modern varieties.
Louise Raisbeck
Thank you for joining our webinar today. A link to the recording will sent to you shortly, and you’re welcome to share this with colleagues who were unable to join live.
Well done everybody, thank you
Callum Baker
Thanks very much everybody