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MRVCBA-City of Markham Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
MRVCBA - Michelle Lun
Welcome everyone to the MRVCBA-City of Markham webinar!
MRVCBA - Michelle Lun
The recording will be shared after the webinar.
Ijade Maxwell Rodrigues, YorkU
Here is the link to our capstone project - https://www.yorku.ca/c4/what-is-c4/ in case people are interested in learning more.
Ijade Maxwell Rodrigues, YorkU
If you have any further questions or would like to partner with York University. I would be pleased to connect with you. Ijade (ijade@yorku.ca)
MRVCBA - Michelle Lun
Many thanks to all the speakers, guests and attendees! We truly appreciate your support. Have a wonderful evening! Stay in touch- visit our website: www.mrvcba.ca