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Conversations That Matter - Shared screen with speaker view
Lisa White
This is so great Julie :)
Linda Crawford
I so appreciate this as I have personal experience as a caregiver. So much grief and loss of connection.
Lisa White
yes, so true. We as OT practitioners offer so much value in this area… listening. Hearing what’s important to them. Validating their feelings.
Lisa White
so glad you’re bringing up caregiver’s role changing after loved one passes. They still have needs
Gina Larson
could you share the references page? Working on a capstone student paper about this topic!
Linda Crawford
Type your questions in a private message to Allison Dwyer
Cass Stevenson
how can we support caregivers right now in this current situation?
Lisa Delfino
My favorite thing that you said was that we need to listen and not “give a response/solution”. I feel that I am so often in the “problem solving mode” but can see how just listening would be beneficial.
Linda Crawford
That's a sobering statistic
Linda Crawford
Validation of a person's experience is probably what people need the most
Elijah Mullins
We have also seen limitations on in person visits in the inpatient settings. Phone calls and video chats with family members can be quite challenging when working with a patient who has dementia, bt sometimes that the best option we have.
Linda Crawford
I can imagine that there are similar challenges to family members with people who are now in the hospital due to visiting restrictions. Ths is new for everyone and I think your comment is indiciative of how this can be affecting more people now
Lisa White
I was wondering how you kept supporting the caregiver. pro bono?
Linda Crawford
Coaching might be an option?
Linda Crawford
But obviously not everyone can afford that
Lisa White
I love the idea that OT can continue supporting the caregiver after a loved one passes. Just wondered how you did that and bill, etc.