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2nd SUPEERA Webinar - Bringing research and industry closer: Accelerating innovation and uptake of new technologies - Shared screen with speaker view
Louiza Papamikrouli
Good morning to all and thank you for this webinar, Will the slides be shared?
Mónica de Juan
Good morning Louiza, yes, the presentations will be shared after the webinar
Ivan Matejak
Good morning all and welcome to the SUPEERA webinar. This webinar precedes a series of physical workshops that will take place as soon as circumstances will allow.Should you have any question for our speakers, please write in the chat box and we’ll be glad to answer them during the Q&A session.The slides will be shared after the webinar.
Michael Belsnes
Have any of the NECP's explored pathways and need for infrastructures and infrastructure combinations in relation to the horizon in the plans?
Maria Oksa
We have taken also the infrastructure needs into consideration and can share more on those later in the project.
Michael Belsnes
Thanks Maria
Brittney Elzarei
Happy to see the slides mentioning the EASE-EERA energy storage roadmap, which was a great project! Please note that the roadmap dates from 2017 so the Clean Energy Package has addressed many of the policy recommendations.
Alessia Clocchiatti
the EU has a set of funding tools to bridge the gap from research to the market: European Innovation Council, Invest EU and Innovation Fund to start with. The EC is always available to provide more information about this
Raquel Iglesias
demostration proyects are important for this transition of knowledge from acadamic to industry
Alessia Clocchiatti
thank you Ivan and EERA colleagues, very interesting and useful webinar
Barbara Cimatti
Thank you very much to the EERA staff for the organization of this interesting Webinar.
Raquel Iglesias