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DRYDEN POOL ACADEMY SESSION 5 : AFM® Activated Filter Media (GB) - Shared screen with speaker view
Johan Karlsson
Hello from Sweden! Up North we have - 12 oC and sunshine, 1.2m of snow :)
Johan Karlsson
Sorry forgot to say .. It's Johan from Vattenbutiken Åre, North Sweden.
Aldo van Tongeren
In the backwash time of 3 minutes, is the slow start and slow going down included as time? Or is the pump in the case going up to 100% at once?Great seminar BTW!
Maja Milanovic ALEX E&C
What about layering for filters that are exactly 800mm?
debora maryanti
did these free radicals oxidize our skin?
Aldo van Tongeren
Pressure drop of AFM standard (which stays 70/30%?) is then equal to new layering with AFM ng 50/50%?
Chooyod Dhitariyakul
Any proper ways to dispose AFM regarding to environmental concern?
Richard Bishop
Would you recommend periodic cleaning of he media especially in the hydrotherapy market and wellness spa market where wellness treatments can clog the media. Hi from the UK fantastic series of presentations - Bish from SwimEx Aqua Thermae
Andrey Khalturin ECTES TD
Will there be an AFM ng 3 Grade?RegdrdsAndrey ECTES TD
Johan Karlsson
Any expected lifelenght difference betwen AFM standard and AFM NG under equal conditions?
Richard Bishop
Thank you we use slight glass as standard for media inspection and at least 300mm clear pvc tube on the waste line - great
Johan Karlsson
Good answer .. lol
Johan Karlsson
But won't be around 20 years from now ..
Chooyod Dhitariyakul
My recent problem, less flow with AFM filtration, FRP tank dia. 21" with pipe dia 1", with Grade 3 x1sack lowest, Grade 2 x sacks, Grade 1 x 3sacks layers, with 1.5HP pump, which suppose to get 3m3/hr but resulted on 1.8m3/hr.
nyoman bukian
Is AFM applicable for liquid other than water. For example: Mono ethylene glycol (MEG)
Chooyod Dhitariyakul
correction from above: grade 2x 2sacks (middle layer)