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February Happenings Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Helen Gerhardt
For anyone who just joined us - please drop your name, email, and phone number into this chat.
Lauren Connelly, lauren@lawrencevillecorp.com, 412-621-1877
Helen Gerhardt
If anyone has any tech issues, you can reach me at 412-397-8488.
Helen Gerhardt
For anyone who has joined us after the beginning of the presentation, please share questions for our presenters here and we will pass them on verbally after the presentation.
Helen Gerhardt
Question from FB: "What kind of neighborhood watch program do we have here?"
Helen Gerhardt
Next Q from FB:I joined late so this may have already been covered but can you define these stats are reached? Are they from calls - tickets - arrests?
Helen Gerhardt
Another question from FB:"Do we have particular “regular” officers that know our neighborhood well? If yes, do they have a route so that we can bump into them to get to know them?"
Helen Gerhardt
Another question from FB:"Are the cameras lining Mccandless an initiative enacted by Zone 2 police or an LC/LU initiative? Curious in knowing who has direct access to that surveillance."
Helen Gerhardt
Next Q from FB:"It is my understanding that Charles Baker was a known “malcontent” so are the police aware of more of these types in our community?"
Helen Gerhardt
Thanks to our officers passed on from FB!
Jerad Bachar
indeed, thank you for your dedication and service.
Helen Gerhardt
Q from FB: "Can we receive some clarity on what's defined as a blind spot? I'm having a hard time conceptualizing a location that would supports video surveillance?"
Helen Gerhardt
Q from FB:"final questions for me, just confirming that any camera implemented has a shelf life per-say. When an event is triggered to require surveillance, it's in place for let's say 30-days, not a multi-year platform."
Helen Gerhardt
Comment from FB: "David, Megan might find the PowerPoint slides from the community meeting about hate crimes from a few years back."
Dave Breingan
Megan Worbs
Thank you!
The Development Activities meeting will be a standing meeting on the last Tuesday of the month at 6:30 and this is where new projects will be presented and discussed and we can give updates on ongoing projects. To participate via zoom email info@lawrencevillecorp.com or call 412-621-1877 x 101 or check it out on facebook at lawrenceville.pittsburgh