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Person-Centered Planning Webinar Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Samantha Espinosa
You're a rockstar Jenny!
Katherine Garrison
Can you please explain why the MAPS and PATH looks cartoonish?
Laura Krause
Not in the community but OF the community
Nicci Nageotte
No Risks- one of my pet peeves. Don't go sledding! No ice skating! Horseback riding? No way!! :) I love that things are changing!
paula weber
I agree Nicci. We are all human and can make a choice to have a little fun :)
Tammy Hofmeister
Thanks Jenny! Great job! Go to run to another meeting.
Mary Blaschke
Thank you Jenny.
Andy Solomon
Thank you, very well done and look forward to the next session!
Meg Steimle
For a non-verbal person, who can request a person centered plan? Is there a fee charged for this?
Phakou Thao
Thank you Jenny. I look forward to the next one.
Samantha Espinosa
I really love the concept of person first communication and really thinking about the language we use when doing documentation. I had my eyes opened to this concept even more so recently after reading through a piece of my medical records. When using language/words to describe a person, or their demeanor, or their status I have made a habit to stop first and think...if someone was writing this about me, what would that feel like. We can be factual and data specific without using language that comes off as judgement in a negative context.
Molly Cooney
THank you!!