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Yukon Tourism Industry Forum: Covid-19 Impacts - Shared screen with speaker view
Erin Kohler
Hello today’s Slido code is: #98566www.slido.com Please attach your name to the question This code will be used for all future forums.
Erin Kohler
WTTC Safe Travels Stamp: https://tiayukon.com/covid-19-updates/useful-resources/wttc-safe-travels-stamp-program/
Erin Kohler
ELEVATE Deadlines - ELEVATE is closed and we are not accepting applications- The deadline to submit reporting was Monday, March 15th. If you haven’t sent in your reporting for your complete projects, please do so by emailing elevate@tiayukon.com ELEVATE Online https://elevateonline.mykajabi.com- If you haven’t signed up, please do so as its a free resource to you- The live sessions that took place this week were recorded and available on ELEVATE Online to watch and listen at your leisure https://elevateonline.mykajabi.com/live-sessions
Larry MP
People will hear from me if they have received a Summer student, around April 15.
Andrea V
That's great news, thank you.
Hi all, Im on mobile and don't have Slido open. I wanted to follow up from a question I had two weeks ago:In YG's "A Path Forward" it states Yukon will open to bubble with provinces who hold a case rate of less than 10 per 100,000 people.For BC and Albert's, this is roughly 450-510 cases.Is this based on per day cases or a total active case count?
Sandy Legge
I will be sending out an e-blast to the WTAY membership including the contents of the package Kalin just described as well as information on the upcoming Q&A session on Tuesday.
Kalin Pallett
For anyone that has questions about the WTAY Guidelines, please don’t hesitate to reach out!
Kalin Pallett
E: kalin@eddyline.ca
Kalin Pallett
P: 867-335-6469
Thanks Blake. I'm more interested in the calculation versus having a bubble announcement.
Kalin Pallett
And you can reach WTAY office at: 867-668-3369 and E: info@wtay.com
Thanks guys. Appreciate it.
Mark Waldbillig
Thanks - I'm sure there will be lots of details to digest!
Sandy Legge
With respect to the Guidelines, we will also be providing suggestions for operators for how to communicate with their clients should you wish to try to host Canadians this summer. Please plan to attend Tuesday's session!!