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The College of the Future UK-wide final report launch - Shared screen with speaker view
louise rowland
Hello! Looking forward to the discussion
Aoife Whitford
Hello everyone Aoife here from The Pay Index in London-congrats on the report launch
Paul Brinklow
Hi folks anyone notice that lessons that could be learned from Ofsted reports were not mentioned in report.
Paul Brinklow
Anyone notice that the need for improved management of the course design, development, delivery and validation processes were not mentioned either. CPD need o lecturing staff also not addressed.
Vincent Goodstadt
The Ofsted Reports were a critical input to the UK2070 Commission's findings and recommendations for addressing the deep-rooted inequalities across the UK.
Paul Brinklow
I'm referring to the learning about how colleges could improve their education and training that could improve students knowledge, skills and attitudes.
Norman Crowther
‘A more flexible and diverse rangeof approaches to teaching, learning and training will, together with a focus on the health, well-being and mental health of staff, highlights the need for an ambitious future workforce strategy within each nation - based on a social partnership between governments, trade unions, colleges and employers within each nation.’ page 66. A strong proposal.
Deirdre Hughes
Careers support for young people in schools and local communities has been cut severely in England - inequity in provision apparent - postcode lottery.
Aoife Whitford
Hi Deirdre we have just kicked off working with schools and colleges in 10 regions across the UK via our Uni Connect and LEP partners where employability sessions will be hosted in classrooms to allow young people particularly from socio economic disadvantaged areas to look through data and visualisations to help them make choices on their next steps
Paul Brinklow
Mention is being made of 'skill shortages'. this has been going on for years, I can remember the 1979 Finniston Report. Employers do not want to pay for CPD, improving education and training and then complain that they cant get the staff with the skills they require.
Richard Dimbleby
Access to lifelong learning is critical as has been said. In order to really achieve this do we need to be clear about who pays for what: the individual learner? the employer? and/or the Government?
Olly Newton
@Smita great points on collaboration. Amongst the four nations of the UK, England Is unique in its hyperfocus on marketisation. Lots of lessons here for England from the other UK nations as well as internationally.
Ian McKay
@Smita - very good point on need for an end to short termism in our policy thinking
Gordon Marsden
from GORDON MARSDEN - Paul Nowak spot on on damage of S
Gordon McAlpine
Key and fundamental points made by Paul in getting rid of barriers to Learning
Deirdre Hughes
Great to see p 42 "National Strategy must set out a vision for lifelong learning including in delivery a holistic lifetime careers and advice service." England is lagging behind compared to the Celtic nations though still more to be done.
Richard Dimbleby
Very keen to endorse the points about collaboration and partnership rather than competition and continuing marketisation of education, as well as long term policies and funding commitment.
Deirdre Hughes
Social partnerships are essential
Andrew Webster
Delighted to hear about the importance of collaboration between colleges. The Careers & Enterprise Company in partnership with the Association of Colleges have just launched Connect: a College Careers Community to support collaboration and innovation within the sector. Please join our community by registering your interest today: bit.ly/connectcolleges
Deirdre Hughes
The inspirational Marie-Therese:-)
Paul Nowak - TUC
People can read more about the campaign to secure ULF and the work unions in partnership with a massive range of employers, here: https://www.tuc.org.uk/campaigns/dont-let-government-cut-union-learning
steve frampton
excellent recognition of the Climate Crisis considerations in these recommendations , and the need for collaborative action , community based on local ecosystems ..thank you .
Anita Esser
Sector specialist 'employer hubs' - important to see employers, with their own areas of expertise, as true partners in course and curriculum development and not customers buying 'off the shelf' courses. Creating long term relationships across colleges and employers to meet the training and development of constantly evolving skills and roles will be essential.
Gordon Marsden
From GORDON MARSDEN - Paul Nowak spot on damage that will come from scrapping Union Learning Fund - crazy at a time when record job losses among apprentices and workers of all ages this is an area where Union Learning reps and funding needs expanding. - as the zlifelong Learning Commission recommended to Labour Party last November - not being scrapped not removing
carole stott
Agree Marie - report is rich in ambition and also coherent and comprehensive recommendations. The challenge for all of us now is the execution of these and how all parts of the system can align to make this a reality.
Deirdre Hughes
CEC partnership great with colleges long may this funding continue:-) But the UK professional body for careers professionals and Careers England not on the CEC Board to help join the lifelong learning dots. Too much fragmentation, lots of strategy but direct delivery particularly to vulnerable young people outside of schooling and distribution of funds inequitable.
Deirdre Hughes
Agree Marie, the concept of place and space is really important.
Paul Brinklow
Like the idea of employer hubs, essential as they should know what skills they are looking for … we can then develop syllabuses, targeted formative and summative exams etc.
Deirdre Hughes
Congratulations to the speakers - excellent!
Paul Turner
Well done all speakers. Lots of support but also lots of challenges going forward as this time. Partnership between all is the way to go.
Jim Metcalfe
Excellent launch speeches, thanks all. And can I echo the thanks to Lewis and Philippa for a brilliant piece of work.
ruth silver
Absolute endorsement to Paul's call for not just the recognition and respect for the sector's staff but also want to add - given the scale of the agenda ahead for FE - the professional enrichment of colleagues as experts in teaching , learning and support is a priority for success.
ruth silver
Dame Ruth Silver FETL
Seb Schmoller
Real credit to the opening speaker and to every panellist for being punchy, really credible, and interesting.
Ben Whitaker
Agreed, Paul & Ruth. Hear hear!
Deirdre Hughes
I agree with Marie-Therese 4 nation conversations with evidence to support innovation and influence.
Paul Brinklow
FE Staff development and qualification, CPD and lifelong learning was why we set up the Institute for Learning (IfL). Establishing professional standards such as QTLS to be like the schools QTS met with some negativism. Paul Brinklow Founder Fellow of IfL.
Ben Whitaker
The genie is out of the bottle and we can’t put it back in! - Bob Harrison said it best about technology
Michele Lawty-Jones
Blended learning essential, building on the fantastic creativity and innovation which has been undertaken by colleges in response to the COVID-19 environment...but what about access to devices and data? Significant digital divide which will need to be addressed to enable all students to access on-line learning - either as a core part of their course or to undertake extra curricular activity.
Deirdre Hughes
Thanks Marie Therese:-)
Mark Mckenna
Completely agree that blended learning is the way forward - not wholly distance learning. Helping colleges to utilise the learning content, tech and support services will be essential
steve frampton
Paul....totally right . The sector went online successfully in 8 days in march, thnx to the hardwork and commitment of college staff and leaders . we can do both exceptionally well :) If the govt invest to prevent a widening digital divide
Aoife Whitford
Need to continue to keep an eye on digital poverty as well should we enter into another full closure of schools and colleges due to Covid once again. Do these young people and adults have access to desktops at home to ensure there is no interruption to learning?
David Allen
Seminal and pathfinding report; will require much cultural change to implement and a review of funding of tertiary education in England at least.
Deirdre Hughes
Smita great point
Deirdre Hughes
Sonia I agree
David Jones
Really pleased to see participants picking up on Digital Technology. This is a key enabler, as part of more blended approaches to learning, and as part of broader Digital Strategy.Excellent points well made Peter.
David Jones
Greater investment required in digital - kit, connectivity and CPD - it needs to be a priority for capital and recurrent spending.
Andrew Webster
Deirdre Hughes
Paul I agree
steve frampton
thank you to Lewis , Phillipa and the team and panel :) Fabulous report and engaging session today :)
Deirdre Hughes
Thank you!
Aoife Whitford
At The Pay Index we are giving young people access to a lifetime of reports to help them with their milestone choices all the way into the professional world
Andrew Webster
Excellent session - many thanks to all panellists.
carole stott
Great points and discussion from all the panel. Many thanks to everyone involved.
Mary Vine-Morris
some great points from all the panellists on such an important question Deirdre!
Sandra Prail
Siobhán Wilson
Thank you all. Excellent.
Shona Struthers
Great discussion today Ian. Well done to all involved in the Commission.
Paul Brinklow
Anything that can get the message about life long learning is welcomed, this report hopefully will help.
Paul Nowak - TUC
Thanks for the brilliant discussion everybody.
Paul Turner
Great session - thanks to all but especially Lewis and Phillipa for the hard work over the last 18 months or so.
Ben Whitaker
An excellent report and panellists today. Thank you everyone
Liz Laycock
thank you- an interesting discussion
Aoife Whitford
Thank you great discussion
Richard Dimbleby
Thank you to all the panellists for a very stimulating and positive discussion. Let's hope this is the moment to really change things.
Martyn Fletcher
thank you all
Paul Brinklow
Now we need a properly funded implementation plan