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Zowe - Onboarding Squad - Shared screen with speaker view
Rose Sakach
If you have questions along the way... please feel free to type them in the chat and we'll try to get to them during the meeting. If not, we will follow-up via the FAQs at zowe.org/vnext.
Jessielaine Punongbayan
Migration of old style profiles to team config will also be available on v2 release for zowe cli? And it will handle profiles that are secured by SCS?
David Jackson
Is Daemon mode now integrated seamlessly into v2 and enabled by default?
Timothy Johnson
@Jessielaine Punongbayan Yes, we're currently working on a "zowe config convert-profiles" command, which will be available in the v2 release.
Jessielaine Punongbayan
awesome! thanks Timothy :)
Timothy Johnson
@David Jackson This work is still in progress :) We are currently working on a "zowe daemon enable" command to make the daemon installation process as seamless as possible. Daemon mode will be disabled by default, and the command must be run to enable it.
David Jackson
Thanks Tim..
Joe Winchester
With Zowe Explorer today an end user can create profiles and their attributes using the text input area for host, port, user, …. With team configuration do users need to manually edit the config file in a text editor, is there any GUI way to visualise/edit ?
Michael Bauer
They can launch the config in VS Code from Zowe Explorer and edit it. They would receive intellisense when editing the file. Ideally though, the organization would distribute the config and most users wouldn't need to make significant edits.
Jessielaine Punongbayan
@Joe Winchester we are planning to discuss this topic, hopefully this PI. We are receiving several requests about having a GUI for managing the team config. I opened a GitHub discussion in the ZE repo: https://github.com/zowe/vscode-extension-for-zowe/discussions/1535