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CAPR Pandemic, Property Rights, and Freedom Webinar Series - Washington State Shutdown, Coming Budget Cuts, and Opportunities to Restore Property Rights and Freedom - Shared screen with speaker view
Scott Shock
Thank you. Please submit any questions you have using the Q&A button in your meeting window. These will be easier to manage there than in chat.
Joan Halbert
School district boards are having their meetings using online forums.
Tim White
Is there a difference between the Governor's power to SUSPEND an RCW or WAC (like the background checks for childcare), and power to make a new law or require behavior (like mandatory face masks)? Is that legally important?
Joan Halbert
Bending the curve was a bait and switch
Philip Wilson
Cut their budgets
Philip Wilson
Thank you CAPR, THank you Jim!
Philip Wilson
Duane's awesome!