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4/21 - Leading in Challenging Times - Shared screen with speaker view
Siobhan Dullea
Hope and Annette! Go MCRI and RiHub!
Gayla Gazerro
Hi Everyone. Gayla Gazerro from the URI Office of Strategic Initiatives
Laurie White - GPCC
Hi everyone and thanks for being with us today! Don’t forget to share your point of view as we go along…… we want to hear from you!!
Bruno Paglia
Hello everyone Bruno Paglia Senior Major Accounts Manager w Axion Business Technologies, Inc.
Tony Silbert
Rebecca Webber
Thank you for underscoring the value of networks and collaboration early and often!
Siobhan Dullea
I learned so much from that experience and am applying a lot of those lessons now.
pam reeve
here to support my friend and colleague, Diane, and to hear some of her stories (again, but I always learn something new!) Sorry to leave,off to yet another Zoom—Pam, Chair The Commonwealth Institute
Tony Silbert
I’m hopeful COVID19 will bring out the best in individuals and companies vs the worse (greed/fraud)
Bruno Paglia
If anyone here is in the market, or knows of anyone that maybe have an issue with the current vendor for their technology in their offices, ie: copiers, printers ,network IT services and equipment leasing, please reach out to me I can help, I will always do my best with having the clients best interest in mind. Not my pocket, they fill up just by doing the right thing. my contact info: Bruno Paglia bpaglia@axionbt.com 401-536-6400 thank for taking the time to read this.
Tuni Schartner
Great advice all around, thank you so much for sharing your story Diane!
Patricia Raskin
Please list Diane’s website
Siobhan Dullea
what changes that we are experiencing now do you think will “stick,” that is, what do you think won’t go back to “normal?”
Bari’s iPad (2)
Question for Diane: What do you consider to be some of the most successful online communities today? And do expect any dimensions about online communities to change going forward given COVID lasting impacts.
Tony Silbert
Very different than Bird (scooter company) that laid off over 400 people on zoom - ouch!
Kevin Wiant
How do you think people will connect and gather business and social purposes after the COVID virus subsides? Do you think people will come out quickly or take some time?
Tony Silbert
My daughters bought their own acrylic and gel nail sets to do for each other! Hope it counts toward school credit;)
Anthony Rolle
Increasing utilization of technology through digital video becomes exhausting and lacks the "high touch" for long lasting relationships.
Anthony Rolle
Universities are not done - intellectual creativity will transform lives in ways not yet determined.... on campus.
Naila Jahan
Thanks for your time and insights, Diane. Can you tell us more about balancing transparency with employees while maintaining confidentiality of some information? How do you get the right amount of honesty out there without adding more fear into people's headspace? (Naila, MassChallenge)
Darlene Morris / RIQI
I think people will no longer show up for work no matter what (even if they are ill) in order to show they have a strong work ethic. People's perception of a "good employee" or of what it takes to get noticed or get promoted will change. Flexibility will be sought and valued more by employees, which will in turn cause employers to alter policies to meet these new demands.
Darlene Morris / RIQI
I agree with Anthony Rolle in that too much technology is exhausting.
Bruno Paglia
Video Meeting, Right from out of the Jetsons Baby boomer remember this, talk about technology, that was in the 60s
Barbara Schoenfeld
If you were to create an online community today for a group, say a professional specialty, what in your experience is most effective to ignite interest? Offer a webinar on a timely topic to get people chatting? When you create a small subgroup, do you seed it with questions to get conversation going?
Tony Silbert
Upto 1000 on zoom is doable.. however, use of breakout rooms and enabling platforms (Miro, Mural, Klaxoon, Co-vision,etc) can enable meaningful participation in small groups, then bring it back to plenary…. It will happen!
Gayla Gazerro
Thank you Diane and Laurie. This was very insightful and thank you for sharing your experiences. You provided us with alot to think about moving forward. I have to leave the meeting now. Be well!
Anthony Rolle
Great conversation - stay safe and healthy!
Tony Silbert