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ACA, Rocky Mountain Colorado Camps Zoom Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Lisa Holstein
Do you still need to do the individual codes if you are coordinating for IdentoGO to come to you for a group processing?
Tommy Feldman
I think you do still need the codes to pay. If they come you make two different payments for mobile printing
Marita Bledsoe
When I asked about the state form requirement they told me that they require it in the event of an outbreak as it is hard to quickly assess immunization status when they are submitted in a non-familiar format.
Marita Bledsoe
It might be important to have the meningitis vaccine recorded on your form in the event that there were an exposure at camp. This vaccine is given between 12-18 years
Tommy Feldman
Just a little more on mobile fingerprinting with IDEMIA. the fee would look like this:$39.50 - (CHRI) search$10.00 - vendor service fee though CABS$10.00 - additional fee for Mobile Print Event FeeTOTAL: $59.50 per employee. Mobile Fingerprint Event fees are collected in two parts:1. Applicant processing fees, including CBI, FBI, and IDEMIA processing fee.o These fees are paid individually with each applicant processed. Options for payment include Credit Card, BusinessCheck, Money Order, or No Charge Authorization Coupon (NCAC).2. Mobile Fingerprint Event fees.o This fee may be non-refundable in the event customer cancellation occurs less than 10 business days prior to thescheduled event.o The Mobile Fingerprint Event fee billing will be arranged through IDEMIA’s Finance department.
Kristen Espino
Do you have information on the guidelines for fingerprinting in the case of volunteer staff?