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Zowe - Onboarding Squad - Shared screen with speaker view
Judy Anderson
are you showing something besides the one slide?
Steven Perva
Slides a "zwe" command demo right now, showing some command prompt screenshots.
Judy Anderson
ok, i just saw that slide now
Robert Penny
workspaceDirectory example still had the word "instamce" in the path. Is that deliberate?
Robert Penny
If the manifest.yaml is key for know what components are there, how "live" (aka "dynamic") can we be about adding components/plugins without restarting Zowe server?
Sean Grady
i suspect we need to enhance our server infrastructure to re-read the yaml for any part of our servers that could handle changes without restart. i dont think its 1 simple answer, needs comprehensive review
Dave Marra
Here at Rocket we deploy 40+ unique deployments at the same time, each includes its own ZOWE deploy. We do this by changing the STC name .. can we still do that?
Judy Anderson
Following on - we currently have to modify the various install scripts to change certain dataset names so we can accomplish this multiple-run scenario
Jack Jia
Hi Dave, yes, it can be defined in zowe.yaml as `zowe.setup.security.stcs`.
Dave Marra
thanks Jack !
Madeleine Dudek
if PARMLIB is used, could there be cases where zowe.yaml no longer exists?
Jack Jia
Hi Judy, yes all data set names used by zowe are configurable in zowe.yaml. so you can configure multiple-run with multiple zowe.yaml
Judy Anderson
Very concerned about the "must not use "c" to cancel " -- some users may be sloppy.
Dave Marra
Have you spoken with folks at IBM about the P .vs. C to terminate?
Rose Sakach
[I will get to these... ]
Rose Sakach
[meaning the comments / questions related to the P vs C -- thanks for your patience]
Joe Winchester
For folks who want to get hold of Zowe v2 early driver it’s available at https://www.zowe.org/vnext#download-availability. Use the help that’s on that link to use the install as the v2 docs site still includes v1 instructions until the doc rewrite is completed. To reach out to the squad with feedback you can use https://openmainframeproject.slack.com/archives/CH9R3FD1V or else https://github.com/zowe/zowe-install-packaging