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ADA Audio Conference Series - Shared screen with speaker view
ADA Greatlakes
We note that there are several people who have signed in using something other than their full name. This is likely due to the profile you have on Zoom prior to today’s session. Zoom remember whatever you put into it when you initiated your account, downloaded/signed in on the app for the first time, etc. We will not be able to give you credit for today’s session unless you are signed in with your full name. If you do not know how your profile appears, send us a chat message or send in the Q&A area and we will verify.
Marlene Patti
Can you email the chat box for todays presentation to chymowitz@brookhavenny.gov. I could not copy the link in the chat box
Michele Stokes
Correction on the slide: Life Quest Training and Consulting, LLC (www.adalifequest.org)
Marlene Patti
The link I was looking at had uofi in the link
Michele Stokes
Thank you!
Michele Stokes
Correct: https://adalifequest.com
Hugh Woodson
thank you for this wonderful presentation!!!
Rebecca Rabatin
Did you collaborate with agencies working with immigrant communities. You had noted non-English speaking communities may not be as vocal expressing complaints.
ADA Greatlakes
Thanks for joining us!