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MMAC Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
John Miller
McKinleyville Town Center Master Plan webpage
John Miller
Cliff VanCott
Cliff VanCott
Link to county site for McK MAC info
Scott Binder
https://humboldtgov.org/2787/COVID-Test-RegistrationHumboldt County COVID-19 Registration for Testing link.
Scott Binder
We have yet to schedule 2021 McK Trash Bashes, but when we do, they are posted at the following link in addition to heavy promotion on the Facebook group 'McKinleyville Community Watch'http://pacoutgreenteam.org/calendar
Jennifer Kalt
Can you please address the area of wetlands to the east of the "square" - is that proposed to be filled and zoned for commercial? Or would those wetlands be protected?
Susan Saunders Wells
Kash, can you clarify a comment you made toward the end that "we have a 2:1 ratio in terms of what we're losing and what we're gaining"...?How can we tell on the drawing what the wetlands are that will be built over and where will those wetlands be mitigated?
Ann Lindsay
I remember discussion about all of it being mixed use. Does mixed use mean residential, commercial, recreational all together.
Jordan Mayor
Centering the town center on the best wetland makes sense until one realizes that it also includes development of part of the same wetland. And the buffers shrunk so that one may bike along it. Kash mentioned some bars would go there.
Debbie Marshall
I understand that Lifecare Humboldt is considering other areas for their community. Should McKinleyville designated an area for this specific development?
Ann Lindsay
The McKinleyville Town Center is being considered with Life Care Humboldt. We have evaluated 15 properties throughout the county and McK Town Center is one of two top rated possibilities. Our interest in the McKinleyville town center depends on whether the community design can incorporate our open commjnityconcept.
Jordan Mayor
Mitigation by the Water Board may require 3:1 for three-parameter wetland fill. Will the western “natural area” be capable of accommodating excavation and creation of 4+ acres of new wetland? Something to consider.
Jennifer Kalt
Good to know, Jordan. This is the statement from the County website I was confused by: "Wetlands are protected or replaced on site and the combination of wetlands and natural areas are intended to achieve a ratio of 2:1." Either way, I support the change to protecting 3-parameter wetlands, based on what I've heard from the trustee agencies. Filling the wetlands east of the "square" and consolidating them on the west side seems so long as the trustee agencies are ok with it, although I have not seen the site.
Ann Lindsay
It is not clear to me which are roads and which are paths.
Jordan Mayor
I agree Jen. I too support the change to a 3-parameter definition.
Jennifer Kalt
I agree, Bonnie. The town square is important, and should not just be added on top of the "best" wetlands on the site.
Scott Binder
I think that Pierson Park could host farmers markets, etc. pretty well...and is also part of the Town Center.
Deborah Hubbard
Great point, Bonnie. Gathering spaces seem to be getting lost in the discussion.
How do vehicles get to the commercial property located at the southwest corner?
Anne Pierson
The bottom line is that this whole thing has to be economically viable. I’m not into amazing a lot of money but I am into establishing a compatible use that can survive economic ups and downs. We aren’t talking downtown San Francisco, we are talking McKinleyville with realistic designs .
Anne Pierson
Kevin Dreyer
maybe the area around the totem pole could be greatly enlarged as a plaza type gathering place
Ann Lindsay
Life Care Humboldt will not be a walled-off exclusive community. We plan to integrate walking and bike paths. We would be very interested in developing a 3 acre farm to serve the community. There could be a farm stand, or our food facility/cafe could be open to the public - farm to table. Our residents wold support nearby businesses. As has been pointed out, the future demand for brick and mortar commercial is unclear.
Jennifer Kalt
It sounds fantastic, Ann! I hope it's ready in time for me to retire :)
Anne Pierson
Jennifer - : -)
Jennifer Kalt
Paving across the middle of the main wetland?
Bonnie MacGregor
There are only 36 people here tonight and at least half are County, MCKMAC and public officials. What about making sure much more of McKinleyville residents see , hear and have input.
How can I access the drawing as a viewable PDF?
John Ford
Go to the first link listed above.
Jennifer Kalt
thanks everyone for all of your work and good discussion - this is exciting!
Greg Orsini
great work Kash, it is time we could visualize and this helps
Kevin Dreyer
Thank you everyone for all your hard work, re
Scott Binder
In most community input meetings, feedback is almost primarily negative. Group, thank you for the positivity and forward thinking!
Kevin Dreyer
excellent meeting tonight !
Jennifer Kalt
The recording of the meeting could be posted to Facebook and whatnot so people can watch it and get interested in the next meetings
John Ford
Thanks Jen
Maya Conrad
mayaconrad@gmail.com to be added to the MMAC noticing list