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Explore Georgia Extranet Training: How to Improve your Listing - Shared screen with speaker view
Sarah Anne Rhodes
We’ll cover a lot but don’t worry, we are recording the presentation and sending extra documents to assist you later. Thanks for joining!
Sarah Anne Rhodes
If you have any questions throughout the presentation, drop them here in the chat and we'll get them to Lori!
Patti Temple
Yes see dashboard
Carolyn McKinley
Does the user note Travel Guide eligible or is that something that your office does
Angela Wigger, St. Marys & Cumberland Island, GA
Can we see the list, in advance, of what you have tagged for the Travel Guide. It's too late once it's printed and if there's any change of staff something could be skipped more than one year.
Sarah Anne Rhodes
Thanks Angela! I will pass that feedback and request along!
Jon Brasher
I know most of you but I work for Atlanta Magazine Custom Media. We are the publishing and digital sales partner with Explore Georgia. If you have any questions about media offerings both print and digital for 2021 please call or email me. Always happy to help. 770-712-7492 jbrasher@atlantamagazine.com
Jon Brasher
Here is the link to the 2021 Media kit https://industry.exploregeorgia.org/sites/default/files/2020-09/FY21-Explore-Georgia-Media-Kit.pdf
Jon Brasher
Hi me again. I was asked to remind everyone that the 2021 Explore Georgia Travel Guide will be available a bit later than in past years. Available in early April in 2021 . The deadline to participate in any paid ads is early February.
Angela Wigger, St. Marys & Cumberland Island, GA
Sorry, what content by Dec. 1st? (for guide)
Christy Gresley
Can you share a little about Picture Georgia, please? Who uploads photos, meaning are attractions responsible for submitting them?
Els Rombaut
Thank you Lori for all your help
Sarah Anne Rhodes
Julie Barnes
Thank you Lori and Sarah for providing this training and all your support.
Patti Temple
Thank you and will listen to recording as well
Joann Hubert
Thank you both! I learned a lot