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LF Edge: TAC Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Brett - LF
Working doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KjOKAoa_nweFyuiU7ARX1bn2L-UzBIq2UkL4OWwQ5xs/edit#
Frank Zdarsky
I believe participation should be voluntary.For LFE projects that are aggregating multiple sub-systems or whose deliverables is a collection of (mutually unrelated) blueprints like Akraino, it'd not be obvious what CII would mean: Do all software deliverables have to pass for an LFE project to pass? At least one? Some?
Joe Pearson (IBM)
Good question
Frank Zdarsky
That is not to say I don't see a lot of value in CII!
Frank Zdarsky
That makes sense, thanks David! (Sorry, my audio is wonky)
Frank Zdarsky
So my concern is purely related to whether LFE should make CII mandatory for maturity, which is the moment when questions like this would need to be clarified.
Tapio Tallgren
👍Agree with Frank about Akraino